Repair and Trade vehicle event for War Thunder

repair and trade vehicle event for war thunder in linux mac windows games

War Thunder vehicle Repair and Trade event in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to Gaijin Entertainment. Who are announcing its Battlefield Engineer activity. Available in the military vehicle online game via Steam.

The Repair and Trade event runs until April 22nd 11:00 GMT. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also gives War Thunder players more opportunity. So you can repair and trade rare military vehicles.
Players will get a battle damaged I-180S fighter. And will also be able to repair it back to operational duty. Restore as many of those fighters as you can. So you can trade them for other rare vehicles. Including: VFW SPG, Pr.122bis submarine chaser and the Ju 388 J interceptor. Also the Merkava Mk.1 MBT or the light cruiser HMS Tiger.
While top performing players will get a chance to win exclusive camouflage for those vehicles.

So if players have a damaged I-180S after the first battle. The first step in repairing the aircraft. Diagnosing the vehicle in a diagnostic test flight. So you can find out which components are defective. The damage to the components is unique for each aircraft. And in most cases you can see this looking at the plane.

Repair and Trade event:

Armament, flaps, brakes in Repair and Trade event. These and other components can all be tested. Available in a diagnostic flight. Taking part in battle will give the user new components. Also Aircraft Maintenance Technician Toolkits. Which will allow them to disassemble and reassemble the plane.
Since players gain access to more repair components for the I-180S. Simply by playing the game. You can also speed up the process. Simply by buying the necessary items they need via the Gaijin Market.

Additional I-180S fighters will be received as Vouchers. Players can also trade for the unique rare vehicles. All part of the Repair and Trade event.
Such as the Merkava Mk.1 is the first MBT developed. Which was built by the Israeli armed forces. The light cruiser HMS Tiger. Which is also the last traditional WW2-era British gun cruiser. And the Junkers Ju 388J is a German late-war high altitude bomber hunter. Responsing to threats posed by the new American B-29 Superfortress bomber. These models are only available for players. At least those taking part in the Battlefield Engineer event.

The Repair and Trade event and ranks. First place ranking players in the team will receive a bonus. So at the end of each battle. They will receive extra Aircraft Maintenance Technician Toolkits. And in some cases a coupon for the unique camouflage. All spare coupons, components and toolkits can be sold. Doing so in the Market. Available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

More details on the Battlefield Engineer event are available at the official website.

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