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Residual a new survival platformer coming soon

residual a new survival platformer coming soon in linux gaming with windows pc

Residual a new survival platformer coming soon in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Orangepixel. Due to make an official debut sometime soon via Steam.

Revealed during GameSpot’s Play for All showcase. Residual is a new breed of survival platformer from OrangePixel. Along with legendary publisher Apogee Entertainment. Which is due to crash land on Steam in Q3 2021.

Standing alone (singleplayer) against a uniquely generated alien world. While you play as the survivor of a crashed spaceship with the goal of escaping. This is if it is at all possible. Explore a strange world within a forgotten galaxy and uncover ancient lore. There are also mysteries hidden for centuries miles beneath the surface.

Apogee Entertainment, the industry celebs who brought you Duke Nukem, Prey, Wolfenstein 3D, and Max Payne. They also welcome Residual, an uncertain survival adventure. The unique Nature Engine (not based on Unity or Unreal) generates thousands of possible planets. Each having a very different climate, plant life, weather, and terrain. Which also evolves every time you play the game.

Harvest food and find warmth to make it through the night. Dig up precious metals to craft sci-fi survival tools. Since Residual lets you craft teleporters and force fields. Dangerous storms threaten from above. As do the traps of a mysterious, long lost species guard the maze of caves below.

Residual – Gameplay Trailer

Yet through it all, Residual strives for a deep experience anyone can enjoy. Solve light puzzles and think up creative solutions and avoid fighting. Choose a male, female, or non-binary character. Then venture forth with the snarky and humorous robot companion. Hence the Personal Disaster Bot (a.k.a. Peedy-B) as your guide. Who also happens to think it’s the star of this galactic story.

No matter where the adventure goes and what the planet has in store. Gameplay offers over 3,000 plant and animal species that appear. At the deepest layers of the planet, the secrets lie. Find out what brought this uncharted galaxy to its knees and waits to be discovered.

“When designing Residual, my goal was to offer players something brand new every time they sat down to play,” said Pascal Bestebroer of one man studio OrangePixel. “Every world tells its own story, shaped by your personal journey through it. The experience will always be challenging, but never unfair. And a rich story awaits for those who choose to seek it.” “Look, it wasn’t me who crashed,” butts in Peedy-B in a raspy, computerized voice. “But let’s get real here, as the brains of this operation, it’ll be up to me to get us both off this rock!”

Residual opens a galaxy map on Steam via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Also offering up builds for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2021.

For more on OrangePixel and Apogee’s journey through space. Check out the official website. Follow the studio on Twitter, Discord, and tune in for Pascal’s weekly devlogs on YouTube.

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