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Resistance 204X 2D fighting game needs testers

resistance 204X 2d fighting game needs testers for linux with windows pc

Resistance 204X 2D fighting game needs testers for Linux with Windows PC. All due to a lot of work and support from solo developer
Julio Quiroz. Working to make its way onto Steam later this year.

Resistance 204X: The indie game that makes 2D fighters accessible to the general public. Which is also available for wishlist on Steam. Plus the developer is currently giving free access to the soundtrack. As well as a comic book with the game’s background story. Even early access codes for the future demo on his website.

The game is being developed in the Unity3D game engine and considering it works on Android (OpenGL) it shouldn’t be a problem to make a Linux port.

Since Resistance 204X is the sole effort of one developer. It will be coming to Linux after Windows PC. But that could change, the developer does not have a Linux machine. So he will be looking for testers when the Demo is out. If you want to help support the cause, you can email the dev directly. And help support a game where you can fight against other players locally or cross-play online.

Designed to introduce new players to 2D fighting games. Resistance 204X is an indie video game where the objective is simple: defeat your opponent. And also run forward as fast as you can. So, if you manage to cross the finish line at the end of the stage, you have won the match. To get a better idea, check out the gameplay trailer.

Resistance 204X Gameplay Trailer

The characters are controlled only with directions and two attack buttons. Also making the game very easy to learn. However, the fast pacing pushes the player to train his instant reaction, prediction, and deception. While at the same time, the platforming and the win condition pushes you to make strategic positioning. Due to offer you a deep and interesting gameplay.

Lore of Resistance 204X takes place in a dystopian future. Their society no longer operates in the real world, but in virtual reality – VR – metaverse called Akkadia. But it’s owned by Facecorp, a mega-corporation that has a monopoly on the world market.

On the other hand, we have “The Resistance”, a small secret group that plans to overthrow Sargon7 of his reign. Taking away his admin privileges. To reach this goal, they must win the fighting tournament in order to enter the control system. Zer0, the protagonist and first playable character of the game, is a secret agent of The Resistance. Who also trains day and night to win the tournament and carry out the plan. Resistance 204X is the attempt to bring the mind-game behind fighting games to the general public. And as a result, grow the amazing fighting game community.

Julio, the Chilean developer of the 2D fighting game, has been in Germany for almost a year. Working on this project and plans to have an early access Demo available for Linux and Windows PC in Q4 2022 (November). So be sure to Wishlist Resistance 204X on Steam. And if you keen to help test, reach out to the dev via email.

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