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Return of Them debuts in Dont Starve Together

return of them debuts in Dont Starve Together game for linux mac windows pc

Return of Them debuts in Dont Starve Together for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Klei Entertainment and their ongoing development. Which is available now on Steam.

Something ancient stirs in the night sky. As a result, the world below will never be the same. Likewise, a strange new island teeming with life appears. With it, a whole new slew of challenges for our Survivors to face. So keep a wary eye out. They’re almost here.

Dont Starve Together: Return of Them – Turn Of Tides


  • New Boat Mechanics:: Don’t sink together! In Return of Them you build and deck out a boat. One also large enough to carry you and your fellow Survivors across the sea.
  • New Seafaring Crafting Menu: Craft everything you’ll need to hit the high seas.
  • The Lunar Island: Explore a strange lunar landscape full of bizarre creatures.
  • New Lunar Island Biomes: Discover 3 new biomes loaded with valuable new resources. Similarly, you can expect new craftables. As well as fearsome enemies.
  • Enlightenment: See the world from a new perspective. While your Sanity is replaced by an all-new Enlightenment meter.

Finally, Klei wants to offer something extra in Return of Them. An extra bit of special for players. So for the next two weeks, if you log into Dont Starve Together. All players on Linux, Mac and Windows PC receive the “Roseate Sail”. So you can deck out your new boat with a little bit of style.

Now that Klei have Return of Them of content out. A lot of work is being done to prepare for future updates. For that reason, this should allow the team a much shorter update schedule. Since you can expect the next content update in the beta branch 4 weeks from now. And after 2 weeks of testing. This will be live in a total of 6 weeks from now. Give or take a few days (probably give). Likewise, we will have more details about the content and date, in a couple of weeks.

Dont Starve Together with the Return of Them debuts now. Check it out on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This new content releases free. So dive on in.

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