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Return of Red Riding Hood releasing on Steam

return of red riding hood visual novel releasing on steam for linux mac windows

Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition is visual novel releasing on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this is a collection of alternative realities. Giving a whole new perspective on the age old story.

Therefore, how events turn out. As well as how they end will depend on your choices. Taking visual novels to a new level of creativity. Seeing this is a genre that gets somewhat passed by in gaming.

So visit wolf’s den and solve his secret. Or you can also try to tame the wild beast.

Eat a pasty with mushrooms and experience something new. Or feed it to the old lady, because it’s her favourite filling.

Or find out the real reason why Wolf attacked Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother.

Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition Features

  • Multiple endings
  • Thriller, melodrama and comedy inside one game
  • More than 150 colorful 3D scenes
  • Cross-platform
  • Trading cards
  • Steam achievements
  • Cloud saves

Commercial version improvements.

  • New artwork (more than 250 images)
  • An additional quest line.
  • New quests and mini-games.
  • Text quest tutorial.
  • Professional proofreading.

So to be completely honest, the art style is somewhat passive. Although, the gameplay and how the visual novel creates the outcome is an interest. Since the whole genre really does not appeal much. But it’s no Ash of Gods though.

“In the original version of the game we’ve posted the announcement about the existence of enhanced edition. Ttherefore users should notice it. And even more, we’ll definitely add cross-links from enhanced edition to original edition and vice versa. Please also note, that original edition will be free to play game, because it is already can be downloaded for free from Enhanced edition will get achievements, trading cards and a lot of exclusive illustrations.”

Developer NLB project will be releasing Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition via Steam. The launch will include support for Linux, Mac and Windows on January 19th. So get ready for some weird.

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