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Reventure non-linear adventure “possible port”

reventure non-linear adventure possible port in linux windows pc games

Reventure the non-linear adventure games “possible port” for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from developer Pixelatto. Which also has a full release on Steam as of June 4th.

Reventure ccould be described as a “choose your own adventure” book. But doing so in the shape of a 2D platformer.

Gameplay starts out from the classic monolith premise. “You are a hero, the princess is in danger, go rescue her!” While quickly getting more complicated than that. At least until gameplay completely changes into a unique non-standard adventure.

Linux Support:

It’s developed in Unity and Linux is currently being considered as a possible port.

While is his is good news. Both for the use of Unity 3D and Linux. The game also has a Platinum rating via Proton. But I’d much rather see a native Linux, port personally.
So show that Tux Love in the Steam Discussion. And make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

The Reventure gameplay takes place in short-lived runs. You start with a clear goal in mind. But the game throws at you some button, trap, treasure or enemy. Which will make you deviate from your path into a totally new situation. You’ll also discover something new in the process. And end up with a feeling of “What if I had did THAT instead?”.

That feeling will drive your next goal in Reventure. Closing the loop over and over. Wrapping up a surprisingly addictive loop.

Reventure – Release Trailer (Windows PC, then a Linux port)

On the first runs, Reventure is all about exploration. When you start knowing your whereabouts. The smoothly transitions into a completionist experience. Since you want to achieve every possible ending. As you approach the late game. It all transforms once again. This time into a puzzle platformer. Where you have to carefully plan your journey in order to discover the more exotic endings.


  • Reventure leaves Early Access with 100% positive reviews from more than 100 reviewers.
  • It features a dynamic story system in a “groundhog day” fashion. But with persistent effects.
  • A Twitch integration enables users on a streamer’s chat to take control of the hero’s dialogs.
  • The world stays almost the same. Being the player the one that changes after every run.
  • If a character dies, it is for good. A new character will take over and the story will progress.
  • The original sound track (available here). Features more than 15 original themes.
  • Under that innocent, pixelated, look. Hides an indie beast with more than 10 hours of content.

Reventure with an innovative approach on nonlinear mechanics. With loads of humour. The games available on Steam for $5.99 USD.

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