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Reversion: The Return support has a delay

reversion: the return support has a delay for linux windows pc

Reversion: The Return the last chapter releases on Windows PC, but Linux support has a delay. We have feedback and details from indie game developer 3f Interactive. Launching this chapter on Steam, including a trilogy Bundle.

Reversion: The Return is the third and final chapter. Rounding off the exciting point and click adventure series. Which also happens to take inspiration from the classic 90’s games. Since this riveting conclusion challenges you to join the resistance. While working to defeat the evil empire of Sergio. Doing so once and for all take to the streets of Buenos Aires to reverse history.

Likewise, the previous chapters all have Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. And this release has been live since February 28th. I was hoping to see support by now.

Where is Linux Support?

We are using the Wintermute Engine. And we are using some features in this last chapter that are not supported by the Linux port of the engine.
We continue monitoring the Linux port to see if those features are going to be added. Hoping to support Linux in the future. As we do with our previous chapters.

As a result of this delay. We will have to wait to see Linux support for Reversion: The Return. This seems odd, but obviously the engine is missing a few needed features. Which ends the trilogy on an interesting note. Alternatively, Proton support works VERY WELL.

From the discussion post, “the problem is that the game now uses videos. And the Linux port of the game engine we are using doesn’t support that.”

Reversion: The Return is the end of your adventure – or is it? Therefore, it is your task is to guide your hero and protagonist, Christian. While working through the ruins of Buenos Aires. Getting ready to make a final stand against the evil tyrant. Can you discover the missing pieces to a mysterious device? The on hailed to be the city’s only hope for redemption? Can you and your friends outsmart Sergio and his guards to succeed?
Since your only option is to team up with Victoria and Pablo. These are your trusted allies. So you can take on the final mission to collect the remaining parts of the machine. Allowing you to reverse the disastrous events. Hence all this mayhem and havoc to your city. Will you fail or prevail?

Reversion: The Return Chapter 3 Trailer


  • Stunning Beautiful Visuals
  • Charismatic & Mysterious Characters
  • Wide Variety Of Interactive Objects
  • Compelling Music & Audio
  • Built-In Hint System

Reversion: The Return is a fantastic tribute to classic adventure gaming. It offers the thrilling conclusion to an impressive trilogy of titles. Players unfamiliar with the series can download the entire trilogy. Including the amazing soundtrack.

Reversion: The Return is priced at $9.99 USD for Windows PC on Steam. With this Linux delay, expect support to show up later. Sadly there is no ETA. And while there are not a lot of reviews for the last chapter. The feedback is positive.
That being said, the Reversion Trilogy + Soundtracks BUNDLE is also available. Discounted 25% to a surprising $13.45 USD on Steam. Certainly worth a look if you want to give it a shot using Proton.

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