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Rhythm game Audiosurf 2 arrives on Linux and SteamOS in 64-bit


Over the last half decade #rhythmgames have focused on #procedurally #generated levels, tracks, and bosses You can thank Audiosurf for them. The little indie racer that could should get a serious amount of credit for what it did.

For what it’s worth, Audiosurf was also one of the first indie titles to really make it big on Steam; it was also the first third party title to use the Steamworks API. It helped that the store was a lot less cluttered back in 2008, making it easier for smaller games to stand out.

Nevertheless, a sequel to Audiosurf has been in the works for quite some time. A proper release has been in the works for over a year and a half, with Audiosurf 2 actually launching through Early Access all the way back in October 2013. The game is technically still considered Early Access, although the suite of playable features, compared to the original especially, is impressive enough.

That roster of fun grew a little bit more too late last week, with developer Dylan Fitterer announcing that the game is now playable on Linux, OSX and SteamOS, with 64-bit versions for Linux and SteamOS. A string of improvements were also made to the Puzzle League and Vegas and Eraser modes, which you can read about below.

Puzzle League improvements:

  • Added Butter Ninja bonus for hitting most (90%) of the yellow blocks
  • Added Seeing Red bonus for hitting most (90%) of the red blocks
  • Added final scoring bonus based on the largest match size collected
  • Added bonuses for multicolor matches
  • Increased Clean Finish bonus to 15%
  • Fixed color blocks sometimes landing under multiplier white blocks
  • Vegas mode: added shoulder lanes
  • Vegas mode: automatically Shuffle (repeatedly) while in a shoulder lane
  • Vegas mode: increased score potential (reduced previous nerf)
  • Eraser mode: paint collected after an Undo will now paint the new blocks even if they haven’t reached the puzzle grid yet

Other fixes:

  • Fixed workshop authors not being able to update without subscribing.
  • Fixed live in-game scoreboards sometimes not showing up.

On Windows PC, DirectX 11 mode was added towards the end of last year, improving performance, along with full controller support, a better Mono mode – that’s the one with only the grey blocks – and support for a string of artists on Soundcloud. We haven’t checked out Audiosurf 2 ourselves, but we will probably add it to our list of games for 2015. Given how good the original was, you should probably do the same. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of futuristic racing set to the soundtrack of your choice.