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Rightware Announces Gaming Performance Benchmark for OpenGL ES 3.0/Halti

Rightware®, the provider of world’s most widely adopted benchmarking software for mobile phones, tablets and other embedded devices, today announced that it is developing Basemark™ Halti, an OpenGL ES 3.0 / Halti benchmark product slated for launch in 2012. The benchmark continues the popular Basemark™ product line’s graphic products, formerly known as 3DMarkMobile, and will set the new global standard for OpenGL ES 3.0/Halti gaming and graphics performance measurement. Basemark™ Halti will provide a solid performance benchmarking tool to semiconductor companies, device manufacturers, operators, and various other players in the embedded ecosystem across different vertical markets.

Rightware’s objective is to offer industry standard benchmark products that help its customers to identify graphics performance bottlenecks in all phases of development. For this purpose, Rightware has established the Benchmark Development Program (BDP) consisting of renowned and highly respected companies, such as AMD, Broadcom, CSR, DMP, Freescale, Huone, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Marvell, Nokia, nVidia, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung, ST-Ericsson, Takumi, Texas Instruments and Vivante.

The core benchmark development team at Rightware has over a decade of experience producing industry leading benchmark products. Since acquiring Futuremark Corporation’s mobile and embedded division in 2009, Rightware has created numerous benchmarks that have been adopted at large by the industry’s leading mobile phone and processor manufacturers. For example, the popular 3DMarkMobile product line was first published in 2006 and was later re-branded as Basemark ES family of products. Rightware’s indisputable leadership in mobile and embedded benchmarking is now further solidified with the introduction of Basemark™ Halti.

Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware, sees the company’s announced product as a major step for the whole embedded ecosystem: “Gaming performance benchmarks are a great way to evaluate overall graphics performance of the measured device. Basemark Halti continues our tradition of providing the most trusted way for the industry to make product design decisions during all phases of development. With Basemark Halti, Rightware continues its track record of providing the most cutting-edge products to the embedded ecosystem and providing our customers unique product to solve graphics performance issues of future’s embedded devices.”

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Tero Sarkkinen points out that despite game benchmarks providing a way to measure graphics performance, something more needs to be added for performance analysis of embedded device: “To achieve a holistic, comprehensive understanding of embedded device’s actual performance capabilities, more than just graphics benchmarking is required. Under our extensive Basemark product family, we have a wide coverage of benchmarks to also measure other critical aspects of an embedded device performance. While operating under the same product line, this provides an excellent complementary offering to our customers.”

Basemark™ Halti will support multiple software platforms, enabling its execution on any device supporting Halti/OpenGL ES 3.0. Most importantly, Basemark™ Halti will produce objective and comparable results by offering the identical workload in all platforms.

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Rightware® is the market leader in 3D User Interface technology, serving mobile, automotive and other embedded industries with its Kanzi® solution for rapid 3D user interface design and deployment. Rightware has introduced the world’s first commercially available stereoscopic 3D (S3D) UI solution for embedded devices. Rightware also develops industry leading system performance analysis tools and its renowned product portfolio includes the Basemark™ product family for various benchmarking purposes, including industry standard benchmarks for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenCL, Android, Linux, Symbian and Windows Mobile performance measurement. Rightware is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Palo Alto. More information:

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