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Riposte medieval party fighting game inbound

riposte medieval party fighting game for linux windows pc

Riposte is a medieval party fighting game coming to Windows PC, but has sights on Linux. Thanks to developer Misdirection Games. Who is due to release the game on Steam this Spring.

It’s stab or be stabbed in Riposte!. This is a 4-8 player party fighting game. Where players control the weapons (not the characters). And doing so in dynamic 2v2 duels and crazy minigames. Stab, slice, and block with a variety of weapons in duels. There is also a 4-player free-for-all and other fun minigames. The game features gorgeous medieval inspired art. Similar to that of cut-out animations. Plus you can also fence with friends. Maybe even brawl in Tavern Party mode. Compete in tournament brackets. or just take a stab at… stabbing.

Riposte! is due to arrive on Windows PC. So naturally, I reached out to developer Misdirection Games. And to my surprise, some relatively good news.

I’m using Unity 2018. Which does support building for Linux. That said, I am planning to port to a couple other platforms. Including Linux after my initial Windows PC launch.

Since this is good news for Riposte. It should also be noted that Misdirection, “haven’t tried yet.” But given the success of Unity 3D as a viable option in the Steam for Linux library. There is a solid chance we will see a native. Depending on the success of the test builds, maybe even a day one release. We’ll have to wait and see.

Riposte! Announcement Trailer

The core Riposte is a novel 2v2 dueling system. Since players directly control the weapons. With one player on a team controlling the sword and the other in charge of the shield. So you can expect complete mayhem. Plus there are multiple primary and secondary weapons to choose from. Each with their own advantages and unique ability.

    Call your friends to arms! Riposte! is a local multiplayer designed for 4-8 people. Which is also available online with remote play. Duel together in 2v2 bouts and 4-player free-for-all. Along with double elimination tournament brackets.
    Control weapons, not characters! So choose from a veritable arsenal. With a range of primary offense and secondary defense weapons. With sword and board style combat. While each player directly controls a weapon. These are also embued with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. If you’re a sword, then prepare to stab or be stabbed.
    It’s a stabbing party in the Tavern. With a mix of duels, free for alls, and other silly minigames. Tavern Party mode also includes optional negative scoring. Aiding in external “beverage focused” games.

Riposte can certainly be played in individual duels. Not mention a tournament bracket. And also in the party tavern mode, where combat comes with fun minigames.

Riposte medieval party fighting is due to release in Spring 2020. Coming to Windows PC. But it looks like Linux will be in the mix as well. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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