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Riposte medieval party game gets support

riposte medieval party game gets support for linux windows pc

Riposte hilarious medieval party game get Linux support beside Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Misdirection Games. Which is now available on Steam with a discount.

The hilarious party game Riposte! is now has support on Steam. Taking inspiration by medieval art and Monty Python sketches. The game’s huge variety of bladed weapons are the stars here. While including direct player control and cunning moves. Making a rather successful stab a thing of beauty.

Riposte! also features single-player gameplay via machine learning. Above all, this teaches the AI to effectively fight as a human player in 1v1 matches. So you are never without a challenge.

As a combat game, Riposte! will have you stab, slice, and block. While facing some intense 2v2 duels, four player free for alls, and other fun mini-games. Fence with friends, brawl in “Tavern Party” mode. Maybe compete in tournament brackets.

Riposte! Launch Trailer

Designed from the ground up for competitive families and roommates. Riposte! certainly features enough gameplay modes and content. Which is more than enough for any manner of sword fighting enthusiasts:

  • Local Multiplayer
    Call your friends to arms via local or remote play via Steam’s Remote Play Together. So you can duel together in 2v2 bouts or four-player free-for-alls. And those double elimination tournament brackets.
  • Weapons
    Play with weapons – not characters! so you can choose from an authentic arsenal. Due to the primary offense and secondary defense weapons in sword and board style combat. Since each player directly controls a weapon. Which comes with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Tavern Party Mode
    It’s a Riposte stabbing party in the Tavern. Either in a mix of duels, free for alls, and other silly mini-games.


  • Test Friendships: Challenge your friends in 2v2 duels, four-player free-for-alls, and more.
  • Take Control: Rather than character movement, you control sword action!
  • Blast From the Past: Enjoy beautiful medieval art!
  • Choose Your Weapon: Equip and fight with primary and secondary weapons.
  • Let the Games Begin: Try combat in a variety of mini-games.

Riposte! is also now available on Steam for $10.04 USD. This includes a 33% discount until May 6th. The medieval party game has a regular price of $14.99 USD. With support for Linux and Windows PC.