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Riposte medieval sword fighting and a native port

riposte medieval party sword fighting game and a linux port beside windows pc

Riposte fighting game releases on Windows PC, but it’s coming to Linux. Thanks to the creative madness of developer Misdirection Games. Which is not available on Steam with a discount.

Riposte a medieval party sword fighting game for Windows PC. Which just released on Steam, but Linux support is incoming.

Yes! I am in the process of testing out the [Linux] build right now.

Since Riposte is in a testing phase for Linux. The email from Misdirection also mentions game functionality. Since the studio wants to be “satisfied that it runs smoothly”. So the port is not too far off.

In Riposte its all about stabbing, slicing, and blocking. While coming with a huge variety of weapons in heated 2v2 duels. There is also four player free for alls and other fun mini games. Fence with friends, brawl in “Tavern Party” mode. You can also compete in tournament brackets, or just take a stab at…stabbing.

It’s stab or be stabbed in Riposte. While you brave a 4-8 player party fighting game. Where players control the weapons (not the characters) in the crazy 2v2 duels. Gameplay features gorgeous medieval inspired art. Which is also a bit of a throw back to cut-out animations.

Riposte Launch Trailer

Designed from the ground up for competitive families and roommates. Riposte features enough gameplay modes and content to please all manner of sword fighting enthusiasts. But due note, this is singleplayer and shared split screen PvP game.

Gameplay Modes:

  • Local Multiplayer
    Call your friends to arms via local or remote play via Steam’s Remote Play Together. Duel together in Riposte 2v2 bouts, four-player free-for-alls. And double elimination tournament brackets.
  • Weapons
    Play with weapons – not characters! Choose from a veritable arsenal of primary offense and secondary defense weapons in sword and board-style combat. Each player directly controls a weapon with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Tavern Party Mode
    It’s a stabbing party in the Tavern with a mix of duels, free-for-alls, and other silly mini-games.

Since Riposte is playable in individual duels or a tournament bracket. You can also join in the party tavern mode. Where combat stops between matches with fun minigames. The medieval party sword fighting game is priced at $14.99 plus a 33% discount on Steam. Available on Windows PC, but the Linux build is currently in testing.