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RIPOUT monstrous update unleashes now

ripout monstrous update unleashed for the online co-op horror fps game on linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

RIPOUT monstrous update unleashed for the online co-op horror FPS game on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to the skilled team at Pet Project Games for their ongoing effort. Available via Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Pet Project and 3D Realms just dropped their monstrous update for RIPOUT, their sci-fi co-op horror FPS. This update is huge and it’s packed with new content and upgrades that are sure to amp up your experience. So it’s even better on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton.

First off, this monstrous update delivers a new menace in RIPOUT – the Bulwark. This enemy is a real challenge, acting as a shield for other nasties while it marches towards you. It’s invincible until it starts firing its minigun, so timing is key to taking it down. To help with this, the update introduces the Buckshot, a new sidearm that’s perfect for close encounters. Its damage also increases the closer you are to your target, making it a high-stakes choice for those daring enough to get up close.

Another addition is a fresh mission type, the recycle bin mission. Here, you’ve got to clear bio canisters heading for the main recycle bin. Miss too many, and boom – the recycler explodes, and it’s game over. With the Monstrous update, this new mission type also adds a unique twist to your strategy and play style in RIPOUT.

RIPOUT – Monstrous Update

RIPOUT is all about navigating through abandoned, mutant-infested spaceships with your living Pet Gun. The mutants are also unpredictable, constantly evolving by fusing with smaller ones. Your goal? Find survivors and uncover the mystery of Sanctuary, a mythical haven whose location or even existence is a big question mark.

The RIPOUT Monstrous update isn’t just about new enemies and missions. There are a bunch of enhancements too:

  • System and feature optimizations for smoother play
  • Better sound quality
  • New animations for weapon firing
  • Two new pet buffs: Ammo feed and Module Scrap
  • A destructible station terminal

And of course, there are major bug fixes in the Monstrous update like resolving crashes during co-op sessions, fixing infinite enemy loops, and ensuring smoother RIPOUT gameplay for those joining ongoing sessions. The update also tweaks the tech and bio scans, improves enemy behavior, and addresses issues with terrain collisions.

Plus, there are leaderboards now for some friendly competition with pals or rivals.

The Monstrous update for RIPOUT brings new challenges and refinements due to enhance your playing experience. So, if you’re into co-op horror shooters, now’s the perfect time to dive in or revisit the game with all the fresh features and fixes on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Available on both Steam Early Access priced at $18.74 USD / £15.74 / 18,74€ with a 25% discount. And on Humble Store, priced at $24.99 USD / £19.99 / 24,99€.