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Riptale 2D action platformer coming to Linux

riptale 2D action platformer coming to linux in gaming news

Since we are eager for new games coming to Linux. We spotted Riptale is a 2D action platformer that will make a #debut in Linux, Mac and Windows PC 3gaming. Yet the aim of this bit of news, the gameplay makes #swordcombat as bloody as possible. Since the impact is real and the overall aesthetics of the gaming experience deceiving. We want to highlight a few things in the news.

So the gameplay has the player collecting gems to execute different attacks. Hence all done in the order of the players choosing. And since this results in a symphony of combos. The black and white structure allows for things to be missed. Yet fills the screen with bright red blood and guts. So it gets gory in Riptale real quick.

While on top of the above gameplay style. Instead of the usual erratic hacking of the attack button. Riptale has the player aiming at their target first, then making the attack. And since all of these attacks are powered by arcane gems. Each will help make the character powerful enough to take down the ancient dragons that threaten the world.
Yet due note, each gem takes a few moments to recharge. Hence the players choice to plan their attacks carefully. Otherwise you would run out at a least favourable moment.

Riptale Features:


Purchase attack gems and line them up the way you want to fight.


Unlock the true power in your attacks by utilizing the analogue stick.


Encounter dragons and mystical cultists and end their reign of terror.


Roam through dark crypts, underground forests, and mushroom caverns.


The Greenlight trailer highlights the gameplay better:

So after about 8 months of hard work. Developer Super God are ready to release action platformer Riptale on Steam. The game will launch on Windows PC, then on Linux and Mac in the following days. The price will be set at $5.99 USD, launching on April 27th.

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