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Rise: Battle Lines multiplayer strategy coming to Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Digital Tribe Games hereby proclaims allegiance with #TheSecretGamesCompany for the upcoming launch of their #medieval multiplayer strategy title Rise: Battle Lines. Get in on this Early Access action for only $4.99 then join forces with the #developers as they work to build, refine and embellish their addicting formula of “Simple Rules, Deep Strategy”. A 20% discount will be available for the first week in celebration of the launch.

Rise: Battle Lines is a quick and accessible multiplayer battle game that delivers meaty strategy in a bite-size format! Draft an army and fight a battle all in 15 thrilling minutes. Opponents issue orders at the same time using a unique system of simultaneous turn-based tactics. The rules are simple but the strategies require the brains, bravery and sheer bravado of a general, destined to Rise!


  • Simultaneous Turn-Based Combat – Both players take their turns at the same time, issuing an order to each of their units. Orders play out simultaneously so try to predict your opponent’s next move, conceal your true intentions and expect the unexpected!
  • Draft Your Own Army – Opponents start by placing units into their army from a randomized selection of the 6 different unit types making every battle different. Each unit you pick is one your opponent cannot use, so choose wisely!
  • Different Game Modes – Get matched with a similarly skilled stranger or challenge a friend; play offline against our AI or in local multiplayer using our pass and play mode.
  • Customize Your Coat of Arms – Fight battles to earn Glory, which unlocks new titles and designs for your heraldry.
  • Stats & Leaderboards – Stats are tracked so you can analyze your play and your Glory is listed in global and friends-only leaderboards.
  • Original Soundtrack – Dynamic score of soaring fantasy refrains, thumping war songs and wistful melodies from acclaimed composer Murugan Thiruchelvam.

Rise: Battle Lines launches on Steam’s Early Access Program this Monday, October 19th for Windows PC and Mac, and we have confirmed the Linux beta is currently playable.