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Rise of Industry update is a Major Overhaul

rise of industry update is a major overhaul for linux and windows

Rise of Industry has launched its major overhaul update on Linux, Windows via Steam Early Access, Humble Store and GOG.
The days of the classic tycoon game are back. Since developer Dapper Penguin Studios re-introduces the 90’s inspired game .

Major Overhaul Update:

Update ‘Alpha 6’ contains a major overhaul of the complete tech-tree. Also new features that put you further into the shoes of a 20th-century industrialist. These features now include the addition of contracts, end-game content, terraforming, a new economy, automated warehouses and more.

The latest features which have a soft launch to Early Access testers. That have also gives a massive approval from players with the average 30-days Steam review score currently sitting at over 90%.

Rise of Industry was shown to press at E3 last week. Also picking up a ‘Best of E3’ nomination in the process. The latest development roadmap showing all the coming additions to the game. This is also available at the show which you can check out here. The roadmap shows the post release schedule which will see additional features like multiplayer being added free of charge.

Rise of Industry – Gameplay Trailer – E3 2018 (Linux, Windows)

About Rise of Industry

Designed with an eye towards both accessibility and depth, Rise of Industry has enough strategic complexity and replayability to satisfy the most experienced fans of the genre, while its simple-to-understand mechanics ensure that new players will love it as well.


  • Experience tailored for every player – Specialise in just trading, production, gathering or any combination and research your way to bigger and better things.
  • Use PR & Marketing to gain favour (or repair damage) with your business partners.
  • Build and manage a solid transportation network to enable efficient transfer of goods via plentiful trucks, speedy trains, boats and high capacity airships.
  • Be prepared for fierce competition – Advanced town and city A.I., make for an intelligent and changing game world so you won’t be the only one looking for the best deal.
  • Town personalities – adapt a suitable approach for every town or face their economic backlash.
  • Huge, procedurally generated maps mean that you’ll always have room to expand your empire into whether in testing scenarios or sandbox mode where imagination is your only limit.
  • Be quick to adapt to the current business climate with contracts, random events and quests keeping you on your toes and cash flowing in (or out).haha.
  • Balance environmental impact with productivity, trying to meet your neighbouring town’s demands.
  • Ever-changing biomes will present different environmental challenges as you aim to make the most out of the map – Lose potential oil reserves as polluted tundra melts into fields or fertile grassland wilts and dies into arid desert.
  • Ready for global domination? Bend and break your friends into economic submission in multiplayer-mode*

Also, the multiplayer mode is coming post release on Linux and Mac.

Rise of Industry is available worldwide on both Steam, Humble Store and GOG for Linux and Windows priced at $24.99, €22.99, £19.99.

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