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Rise of the White Sun launches into chaos

rise of the white sun warlord strategy sandbox game in china launches on linux mac windows pc

Rise of the White Sun warlord strategy sandbox game in China launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and effort from developer Maestro Cinetik. Available now on Steam with a discount and 95% Very Positive reviews.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a leader during China’s chaotic 1920s period. This isn’t your typical time in history; instead, you’re navigating a world where unreliable opium addict warlords call the shots. While massive armies that haven’t seen their pay in months await your command. Welcome to Rise of the White Sun.

Rise of the White Sun takes you deep into the heart of a violent and little explored part of history. Gone are the oft repeated scenarios of World War II you might have seen elsewhere. Here, you’re thrust into a world of intrigue. Since every decision can lead to unexpected outcomes.

At its core, Rise of the White Sun allows you to take charge and build your own empire. But that’s only the beginning. You’ll face the challenge of making diplomatic decisions that can either win you allies or make terrifying enemies. You’ll also lead military campaigns, ensuring that your strategies are sound, due to ensure that your armies fall into disarray.

Rise of the White Sun – Chinese warlord strategy sandbox

What’s really interesting is how this game was crafted. After two solid years of careful development, the creators have rolled out a couple of major features. The Northern Expedition scenario is now available, which gives a detailed perspective on that part of history. On top of now launching a Rise of the White Sun build for Linux and Mac players.

Plus, the Rise of the White Sun developers want your input on what they should work on next. You can vote here.

They’ve presented four potential features:

  1. An Autumn Harvest / Nanchang uprising scenario.
  2. Introducing bandit factions along with a Bai Lang rebel narrative.
  3. Achievements that can be unlocked.
  4. An expansion that includes historical figures from various backgrounds, adds richness to the storyline.

Lastly, there’s a bit of inside info for those eager to explore all of Rise of the White Sun. The developers are providing a list of cheat codes. Originally made to help them test the system and find bugs, you can use these to perhaps gain an edge or simply have some fun. Just a word of caution: while they are meant to enhance your game, they might also introduce some irregularity. So use them wisely.

In summary, Rise of the White Sun offers a rich dive into an overlooked part of history. This warlord strategy sandbox challenges you to navigate its complexities and make your mark. Whether you’re building an empire, forging alliances, or leading armies. There’s something here for everyone on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Available on Steam priced at $18.89 USD / £15.29 / 18,89€ with the 10% launch discount.

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