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Rise and Shine the Linux release with a talking gun

rise and shine platform shooter needs linux and steamos support

So it’s time to Rise to the occasion and #support the world of video games. Super Mega Team’s #impressive #platformer, Rise and Shine, will be available for pre-order on Steam soon.

Rise and Shine combines elements from all your favorite games. Hence bullet hells, platformers and action-packed arcade shooters. While all put together into a violent action game. So players take no the roll of Rise. Along with Shines, his talking gun, saving Gamearth from massive killer robots keen on destroying the world.

So do not expect to have a moment’s rest in the game’s brutal and unforgiven combat. Testing your reflexes and wit. Gameplay is reminiscent of the Metal Slug games. While graphics and hardcore action are blending well together. Add in some clever puzzles, Rise and Shine could easily be one of those great indie games.

While each stage is made up of hand-drawn images that use “multiple parallax scroll layers”. So this results in no “tiling or repeated elements.”

So to save Gamearth, Rise must work closely with his new partner Shine. Whose add-ons, special bullets, and loud-mouthing are key to getting them both safely across each meticulously hand-drawn level. Pack your strategy and timing enhancing gear, and get ready to repel the Nexgen invaders to bring the fun back to Gamearth!

Rise and Shine is being developed by the folks over at Super Mega Awesome Hyperdimensional Team. Who also made some rather successful mobile games like Supermagical and Pro Zombie Soccer. Partnering with Adult Swim Games seems like a great decision. Considering the publisher’s portfolio of great titles like Headlander or the upcoming Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Not all of which support Linux, but still great games.

We are developing the game in Unity3D.
About a Linux release, it all depends of how well the game performs for us to be able to spend time making a Linux version. We are a tiny team, but we’d love to have the game for Linux!

Rise and Shine will be out on January 13th on both Windows PC and Xbox One. So you can show your support for Linux and SteamOS in the Steam Discussions.

Add Rise and Shine to your wishlist on Steam.


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