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Rise & Shine makes a Linux debut finally

rise & shine makes a linux debut platform shooter in gaming news

Super Mega Team working with Adult Swim have released Rise & Shine on Linux. Since there is no update news announcement on the Steam page. Instead the details are #released by a discussion post about Linux gaming.

Since Rise & Shine is more of a “think and gun” title. Gameplay is said to blend elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells and #puzzle #platformer. Having played Rise & Shine prior to the Windows release, gaming caught me off guard. In fact it was a bit more challenging than expected. Since there is a combination of twin stick strategy and manoeuvring.
So as a player you have to switch between Shine’s (talking gun) add-on’s to solve puzzles. While also guiding projectiles through intricate mazes. Plus electrifying damaged equipment to discover new paths. So it’s all there.

Rise & Shine launch trailer:


  • This is not another run’n’gun clone. Super Mega Team introduced some fresh gameplay elements and mechanics. Hence a cover system, RC bullets, and shooting-based puzzle solving.
  • You haven’t seen levels like these. Because nobody is crazy enough to do what the team has just done. All the backgrounds in Rise & Shine are ginormous hand-drawn illustrations. Since each has different parallax scroll layers. So that every step you take is completely different with no repeating elements or tiling.
  • There is a tight relationship between Rise & Shine‘s gameplay and story. There will be drama, action, big bosses and surely a mindblowing ending!.
  • Gaming is a love letter to the whole video games history. Full of Easter eggs and homages for all gamers with a keen eye. And you shoot a lot of stuff too.
  • All the in-game audio and music is done by Damián Sánchez. A Jerry Goldsmith Award nominee. He used some real instruments and an opera singer for some truly goose bump music

Since we originally released news of Rise & Shine coming to Linux back in January. The whole point was to have the community upvote a native release via Steam Discussions. Hence a success.

Linux Install Unavailable:

Yet we still have an issue trying to install the game on Linux. Since the install files are not yet present on Steam. Even though the page listing shows the SteamOS icon. So we have emailed Super Mega Team and we’re waiting on a fix.

“We are looking at it at the moment and we’ll release a fix as soon as possible.”

Rise & Shine is available on Steam and Humble Store for $14.99 USD.

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