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Rising Constellation 4X MMO management launches

rising constellation 4X mmo management game launches on linux mac windows pc today

Rising Constellation 4X MMO management game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC today. Thanks to a year of Early Access and the efforts of developer Blackflag Games. Available via Steam along with 92% Positive Reviews.

Rising Constellation is a 4X MMO management game. One that takes place in a future universe where various factions fight for galactic control. While allowing you to delve into co-op gameplay. That is, after selecting your faction. Including the choice of picking its political regime, culture, and history. Then rise through the ranks to be the faction’s most favored leader. So you can direct its military, diplomatic, and economic strategies. While leading your faction to control star systems and victory.

Rising Constellation takes you into a sci-fi setting. Along with the skillful Navarchs (space fleet commanders) who pit their destroyers and cruisers against each other. Also includes the sly Erased (spies and assassins) as they take on a secret effort. Then there are is the enticing Siderians (speakers of great power). They will turn their enemies’ people against them.

Rising Constellation Trailer

Rising Constellation also offers a few game modes. These range from highly tactical, small team RTS games. All the way up to large role playing fights with several hundred players.

Players can see Rising Constellation‘s large scale. Along with the role playing parts in Prestige matches. These offer the chance for players to write their history of the universe.


  • 3 game modes (Flash, Legacy and Prestige). These offer a wide variety of gaming action.
  • A multiplayer game with simple mechanics that you can replay repeatedly. All due to the number of synergies open between players.
  • Exciting music that will put you in the depth of space.
  • Intense and varied empire growth.
  • 3 agents types in Rising Constellation, the Navarchs, Erased, and Siderians. They will also level up. All while you fight and inspire varying types of gaming.
  • A rich universe, noble characters, and a story to be written together.
  • Space elevators, planetary shields, and interstellar gates. All basically the best of science fiction.
  • Creative team goals and multiple paths to victory.
  • Future proof and clean visuals for a complex and deep strategy game.

Rising Constellation 4X MMO management game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is also priced at $19.99, and a 20% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All available via Steam.

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