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Rising Lords Scenario Editor update has a port

rising lords scenario editor update has a port linux with windows pc

Rising Lords Scenario Editor game update has a port for Linux with Windows PC. Due to the continuing work and creativity of developer Argonwood. Which is still going strong on Steam Early Access.

More than two years of Early Access for the turn-based strategy game Rising Lords has passed. So Argonwood sees this as a good time to celebrate the amazing community. Not only for giving incredible amounts of feedback. But also actively shaped the development of the game. With the recently released Scenario Editor Update, Rising Lords expands its trust in the community.

This also extends to the Linux community as well. Previously there was an Ubuntu build in the Beta Branch in 2021. So today, making the effort to play the Beta branch again, Rising Lords did not launch. As a result, disabling the Beta section, the game re-installed. Expecting to play via Proton. Instead, what remains is a Linux build. But hitting Play ends with a “missing executable” error.
However, launching via terminal from ~/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common is successful with the command ./RisingLords. Try it on your distro.

Rising Lords Scenario Editor

While the active community has created dozens of multiplayer maps already. The latest Rising Lords update allows Linux players to also create fully fleshed out scenario maps. Along with custom stories. It also gives players the chance to fully change the balance of the game. Due to define new goals and objectives.

Since community feedback has always been a major pillar in the development. The Rising Lords dev’s want to continue the success story. Running until Friday, July 15th, a contest is happening on the official Discord. Where interested players can win various prizes. Plus everyone taking part in the contest will get access to a special outfit your character can wear in game. The winner will even get the (paid!) opportunity to get to work with the developers. Due to shape the upcoming story campaign. It’s time to involve the Linux community in the event.

On top it off, the new Scenario Editor update also includes tons of upgrades. Such as the reworked GUI, bug fixes, and various Quality of Life changes. While an official release date for the full game is still TBD. Players will hear more on that very soon.

Rising Lords medieval turn-based strategy game is available on Steam Early Access. Linux does not have an official listing on the Steam page with Windows PC. But it’s certainly worth playing. Priced at $19.00 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€.

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