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Rising Lords turn based strategy gets Ubuntu build

rising lords turn based strategy game gets an ubuntu build for linux with windows pc

Rising Lords turn based strategy game gets an Ubuntu build for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details outlined by developer Argonwood. Which is currently going strong via Steam Early Access.

Deck13 Spotlight is happy to announce that they will be working with Cologne-based indie developer Argonwood. Doing so as a publisher for their turn based strategy game Rising Lords. The title is currently available on Steam Early Access as of May 27th, 2020. Due to release in Mid-2022 and already has a sizable and excited audience. Now the developer has announced an Ubuntu Linux build available.

We have an ubuntu build by not actually. 🙂
You can try it –
Steam Library, right click on Rising Lords, then Properties. Go to the Betas tab and in the submenu choose Ubuntu

Testing Rising Lords myself, there is a legit Linux build for Ubuntu. Created in Gamemaker Studio 2, depending on your distro, results will vary. But you can see the post in Discussions. And if you already own the game, now is the time to play.

To find out more about this medieval, deeply tactical strategy game. Take a look at the developer walkthrough on the previous big Anniversary Update.

Rising Lords – Anniversary Developer Walkthrough:

Play mind games with your opponents. Then conquer them using diplomacy, cunning… and war.

Rising Lords is a medieval turn based strategy game. Which also features card and board game elements. Send your serfs to fight and die in your name. You can also let them prosper, and use them to your advantage. All so you can collect taxes and resources. Dictate rations and field work. Forge weapons, reshape the battlefield, raise armies, and build mighty fortified cities. All while you help your people become knights. Or simply dump them on a battlefield far away. Just be careful: even the most humble peasants will revolt eventually…

So, in addition to its campaign mode, Rising Lords features robust multiplayer functionality. Play a quick game, or settle in for an evening or more. You can also play mind games with your friends Rising Lords’ special figures. Then spread false info. Let them pay for their insolence in questioning your right to rule!

Rising Lords turn based strategy game is available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. Due to getting a full release in mid-2022. But now you can also test the Ubuntu Linux build in the Beta branch. Plus there is a 20% discount off the regular $19.99 USD price.

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