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Rival Threads is already set to be on Ouya

The recently funded Kickstarter campaign already

has a place on console

rival threads kickstarter set for ouya

It’s not really a secret that we want to bring this title to consoles. We’re sure some of you may even feel the same way.

Mainstream developer consoles and licenses are expensive. “How expensive?”, we asked. “If you have to ask how much, then you can’t afford it” expensive, they say. There is almost no hope for a studio like ours, at this stage, to be able to afford the price of admission.

Enter Ouya.

You may have heard of Ouya, the new video game console that the internet’s raving about. In eight hours, they blew away their goal of $950k and is currently trending on kicktraq to make 51M.

It’s a $99 gaming console running on Android. Pure digital downloads (Think Apple app store, Google play, Steam, etc.) Fully hackable, runs apps and already boasts some well known titles such as Minecraft, Canabalt and Shadow Gun. People will love this, but most importantly, it lowers the cost of entry SIGNIFICANTLY for developers.

We believe in their philosophy. We hope it will be HUGE.

…and we want to be a part of it.

We’re still doing our homework but we went ahead and grabbed one of the last exclusive Ouya developer slots. (Your Kickstarter dollars already at work!). We will have early SDK access, a developer console and our game, Rival Threads, will carry an Ouya Founder Emblem.

Ouya will also promote the game for us for twelve months and if all things go according to plan, we might even be part of the console’s March 2013 launch titles. Fingers crossed.

The console is expected to start shipping on March 2013 but ours is expected to arrive before the end of this year.

Since some of you requested a final stretch goal, there you go.

Find out more or support Ouya here.