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Road Defense: Outsiders action due to get a port

road defense: outsiders action roguelike game plans for a linux port with windows pc

Road Defense: Outsiders action roguelike game plans for a Linux port with Windows PC. All thanks to recent details from solo developer Minicactus Games. Working to release a Demo soon on Steam.

Road Defense: Outsiders Protect the cars on the road! Equip your towers and improve your skills to defend the lawless roads. There are hordes of criminals trying to kill you and destroy the cars. These also get bigger and bigger as the level progresses.

In Road Defense:Outsiders, drivers who manage to cross the territory pay you a fee. Use the money you receive to invest in new weapons and upgrades for defense towers. Collect orbs in the scenery to improve your own skills. Build a solid strategy to save lives in this lawless territory.
This is the premise behind the game. But according to the recent Minicactus Games email, Linux is in the picture.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to generate a build for Linux until the demo is released. But I hope to make it to the full game release.

Road Defense: Outsiders is developed with Unity 3D. So this means there is a good chance the Demo will run via Proton. But we may or may not see a Linux build for that Demo. Although, it’s certainly a pleasure to see that the full release will have a Linux build. But first, check out the carnage in the trailer below.

Road Defense: Outsiders – Demo Trailer


  • It is important to remember that in Road Defense: Outsiders you protect vehicles that are in motion. Therefore, crafting a dynamic strategy is critical to succeeding in the levels you must overcome.
  • When killing an enemy he releases an orb. Collect all the orbs you can as this will make your level bar fill up. Each time your level bar fills, you can improve your own abilities. Such as your speed, your health, the damage you do, the fire rate, among many others.
  • Different types of criminals will attack you. Each of them has unique features. Some of them use an iron bar, others have weapons of various types, and some are ready as suicide bombs. Never let them get close to you or the protected vehicle.
  • Managing the money received in Road Defense: Outsiders. Knowing the right stretch to invest safely will surely save many lives.


  • Road Defense: Outsiders features addictive gameplay and pixelated visuals. Due to provide a sense of nostalgia for many players.
  • Each enemy has an attack technology that will surely make you change your strategy.
  • Territories are divided into 20 distinct phases.
  • Count on various types of weapons and make upgrades to them all.

The full version of Road Defense: Outsiders will be releasing at the end of the year. However, you can test out the action roguelike Demo coming on June 13th. Due to arrive on Windows PC, but there may be a Linux build as well. Until then, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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