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Road Rage Royale support for combat racing

road rage royale games support for combat racing on linux windows pc

Road Rage Royale combat racing has Windows PC support, but is also coming to Linux. Thanks to developer Neural Oscillations Games feedback. The games now in Early Access on Steam.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The indie game studio Neural Oscillations Games just released the game on Early Access. Road Rage Royale is available now on Steam. So we reached out to the studio for Linux details.

Linux Support:

A linux port is definitely happening at some point during early access. I’m sorry it is not available yet.
I don’t have a time frame for Linux native support on steam. Should be around winter. I need to run a few tests. And I have no Idea how long it will take to be honest.

Since the game is using Unity 3D. A native Linux port for Road Rage Royale should be a given. But as with most Early Access releases, development takes time. But we do have a solid confirmation.
And the studio does not have a time frame. Since the game just made it’s way onto Early Access.

Road Rage Royale Official Gameplay Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

Road Rage Royale is a combat racing game. This is also playable for 2 to 4 players. While taking places in a cyberpunk post apocalyptic world. While you play a cyborg at the wheel. Driving an indestructible vehicle fueled by your own rage.
The race is about to start. But it’s also not really a race. Because only the last pilot not to be knocked out wins. Although you still want to be in the lead. It hurts you when you’re not, truly.
And since it’s a fight. You should probably try to hurt your opponents more. Hit them, make them rage, smash them against walls. Or simply use obstacles to knock them out. There can be only one winner.

Road Rage Royale is a multiplayer “close combat racing” game. The race leader automatically deals damage to all his pursuers. Who also gain bonuses in return to cause serious damage.
Players, therefore, have to rely on tactical and racing skills. This sensory “easy to learn, hard to master” game. This helps make for intense rounds. While you follow each other at a fast pace.


  • Local Multiplayer: Gather around the same computer. Challenge your friends or family in local multiplayer. Doing so in fast, action packed, tactical race car combats.
  • The Rage Overdrive Engine: All cars are powered by their driver’s rage. So the more distance between the race leader and you. Then the more rage you generate in Road Rage Royale. And the more rage you generate. The more engine power you get. But more rage also causes you more damage over. So be careful.
  • Speed based damages: On impact, the faster you go towards your target. Then the more damage you do. Unless you hit a wall, or something that tends to explode. Like an explosive barrel for instance.
  • No Guns: Your car is your weapon and your shield. Who needs a gun when you have 2 tons of screaming metal. While hurling at your opponents?
  • Active skill: Rage also fills small reservoirs inRoad Rage Royale. These can be used to trigger your unique active skill. Use it wisely to make the difference.
  • Drifty car controls: Metal wheels on metal tracks means drift cars.
  • Feel the steel: Isometric 3D hand-drawn cyber punk post apocalyptic art. Few explosions, many sparks.
  • Hear the squeal: Original cyber punk post apocalyptic (again) rock music. Which is partially procedurally generated. Doing so in real time.

Road Rage Royale combat racing is available on Early Access. The games playable via Windows PC. But definitely coming with Linux support soon. And untested via Proton.

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