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Road Redemption coming to Linux – Kickstarter

Road Redemption, a spiritual successor to Road Rash currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, will be coming to Linux, PC, Mac, and Wii U when DarkSeas Games successfully secures support.


Dark Seas Games sited the high spec platforms (Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U) to maximize elements like physics complexity, level size, number of onscreen drivers, control complexity, and graphical fidelity. The developers also considered further support of the Unity engine and Wii U, as deciding factors for porting Road Redemption.

Road Redemption is the experience that we’ve been dying to play for over a decade. With your help to make it the best experience possible. Make no mistake, Dark Seas Games are developing Road Redemption toward experienced gamers.

Road Redemption features a complex and rewarding combat system designed, from the ground up, to offer a great experience on mouse and keyboard.


The fighting system involves counters and parries. A stronger weapon is always an advantage, but even a weaker combatant can get the upper hand by forcing his opponent off the road, or into oncoming traffic.

Gun combat is a minor part of the game, as ammo is a scarce resource in the world of Road Redemption. There’s no such thing as auto-aim, so when you do make that shot, it’s 100% your doing.

The Story

Road Redemption takes place in a nightmare version of the American midwest.

You play a recently-paroled felon. After 8 years in federal prison, you must work your way back up from the bottom of your old motorcycle club.

As you rise in the ranks, it becomes clear that not all of your brothers are acting in the best interests of the club, and may even be responsible for your incarceration.

You must play a pivotal role in the resulting power struggle, with multiple outcomes depending on your actions.

Eventually, you can lead your own faction and fight to control territory and drug distribution routes in a war for survival and supremacy.

Game Types

Road Redemption’s single-player campaign features 6 mission types, each a variation on the the tried and true combat racing gameplay. Plus the team are eager to for fan feedback, actively monitoring the forum, and would love to be able to incorporate some fan-suggested mission types.

Online multiplayer gaming is a huge part of Road Redemption.

Multiplayer modes include free-for-all and team-based missions. Look forward to seeing Road Redemption gangs forming online, with their own unique gang insignia.

Many of the single player mission types, and virtually all of the single player maps, will be available to play online.

Online features also extend to the single player campaign. You can compete with your friends, via online leaderboards, to prove that you are the the most skilled combatant.


Road Redemption hopes to launch on PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U in July of next year, should it meet the goal of $160,000 on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, it has pulled in over $60,000 so far.

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