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Road to your City with building and soccer

road to your city with building and soccer on linux mac windows pc

Road to your City focuses on building and soccer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Yheeky Games. Who also lets you play the Demo via Steam and

Road to your City is a 2D isometric game. Where you as the player become a city mayor. So you have to build up a football (soccer) focused city. Also it is part of your role to create a place where people want to live. As well as feel secure, get educated and have fun. Which of course focuses on soccer!

Road to your City – Game trailer

In most football related games you need to manage a football team, have to buy or sell players, plan training sessions to skill them, make line-ups and so on. That’s completely different in this game. In Road to your City you create the perfect environment to make your city grow and become a football city by itself. With the right decisions you have to influence your cities development.


  • Build a city for people to live and work in. Create homes and provide jobs.
  • Found a football club, adding and developing talent as it grows.
  • Install and maintain training facilities in Road to your City. While you provide your players with the best development environment possible.
  • Enter your club in competition, starting with the district league. All the way to the premiere competitions in world football.
  • Construct a football stadium and use your inevitable success on the pitch to attract new supporters.
  • React to security, satisfaction and population develop by upgrading or expanding your city with the buildings it needs.
  • Deal with unpredictable events such as players leaving or hooligans causing trouble in your stadium.
  • Further your city’s financial situation by providing services like TV, fan shops, and banks.
  • Request and acquire funding to develop both your city and club.
  • And much more!

Road to your City is available now on Steam. Worth playing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $12.99 USD. But make sure to play the Demo first. So you can make sure gameplay is for you.