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Roadwarden illustrated text based RPG announced

roadwarden illustrated text based rpg announced for linux mac windows pc

Roadwarden an illustrated text based RPG announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Moral Anxiety Studio. The games due to release on Steam in 2020.

If you enjoy a certain element of visual storytelling? If so, buckle in and listen up. Publisher Assemble Entertainment (best known for point-and-click adventure Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry). And also developer Moral Anxiety Studio are unveiling Roadwarden.

Featuring a fantastic isometric pixel art style and classic RPG elements. Roadwarden takes text based adventures and adds in the visual novel genre. While creating a very original adventuring experience.

In Roadwarden, is due to release in late 2020. Where you play as roaming adventurer, messenger, and general-purpose hero. And of course, doing so in a dangerous and magical world.
Similarly, as your story begins, a powerful merchant guild requests your services. While sending you on a journey to a mysterious peninsula. Hoping to expand the guild’s influence. You are meant to explore this place. And then gather as much information as possible. Hopefully revealing the secrets surrounding the setting. It’s a dangerous task.
Do you have the courage to meet all the requirements that define a Roadwarden?

Roadwarden Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Stepping into the boots of one brave soul. Here is where players must be willing to put their lives in danger. While most would turn up their noses at a selfless journey. As you work your way through the wilder parts of the land. This is where Roadwarden willingly accepts the challenge. While you live up to their promise made to guard travelers. Including connect alienated villages and support weary merchants. As you fend off attacking creatures. Including both bandits and the undead.

Key features include:

  • Explore & Change the World: Discover the secrets and face the challenges of a hostile fantasy world. As you unveil its uniquely sinister history
  • Grow With the Challenge: Create your own background story in Roadwarden. While using personal abilities, beliefs, and personality. Shaping your very own future as a Roadwarden
  • Classical RPG Attitude: Prepare yourself for an epic journey. Doing so as either a warrior, mage or scholar. Then define your character‘s traits. Such as friendly, playful or intimidating. Since this has an effect interacting with various NPCs
  • Mysteries Unfold: Use your savvy and wiles when searching and drawing your conclusions. So you can understand the true nature of this world. Immerse yourself in detailed conversations and sidequests. Along with dozens of NPCs to gain their trust and support.

Roadwarden illustrated text based RPG arrives on Steam. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in Q4 2020. So if you’d like to keep up with the game on social. Please follow its development on Twitter and Facebook.

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