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Robo Instructus sign up for the Beta version

robo instructus sign up for the beta version in linux windows games

Robo Instructus sign up for the Beta, the games coming to Linux and Windows. Big AB Games reveal its ethereal the new title. Also a programming puzzle game. With an artful aesthetic and a compelling sci-fi story. What’s more, a beta version of the game is available now. Absolutely free, so players can sign up via the Robo Instructus official website.

In Robo Instructus players will discover a hidden language. While exploring the spirit of creativity. Learning to program a salvage robot on a forgotten alien world.
So as players unravel the robot’s functionality. They will also learn new programming commands. Allowing them to remotely direct the robot. While going through a range of nasty and fatal environments. Opening up a web of sci-fi storytelling along the way.

While your code becomes more capable. So will your strategic options. Opening up a few ways to overcome each challenge. And also go deeper into the games bleak world.

Robo Instructus – Announcement Trailer (Linux, Windows)

Therefore, taking part in the beta. You can also give feedback. Along with a chance to get hold of a free copy. That is the full game when it launches. Coming later this Summer for Linux and Windows.

Solo developer Alex Butler said: “Each puzzle in Robo Instructus asks you to get your robot somewhere. But to properly explain every step in how it gets there. Succeed and you can grasp a sort deeper story. As you uncover the game’s secrets.

“So players are learning the games programming language. Create results and find new tools. Piecing together the story of the world. At its core, though, is the certain language. There’s just a real thrill to putting your ideas into code. Seeing them actually work. That thrill is a lot of what Robo Instructus is about.”

Robo Instructus works well on Linux. Which will have a full launch via Steam this Summer.
The free beta version is available now. Just sign up via the Robo Instructus official website.

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