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Robo Legend adventure RPG due to get support

robo legend adventure rpg game due to get support for linux with windows pc

Robo Legend adventure RPG game due to get support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative developers over at Little Neuron LLC. Due to make its way onto Steam later this fall.

Independent video game studio Little Neuron is proud to announce its very first game, Robo Legend. Still, in development, it is due to release in the Fall of 2022. Your choices, your legend. So, in this twin stick shooter with an RPG feel, your choices decide the story. While you Protect Gear Town from the hordes of evil robots led by VoidBot. You can also become a tyrant yourself.

The game engine being used is the Godot Engine… And yes there will be a Linux port.

Robo Legend Main Trailer

Fight your way through the Robo Legend hordes of evil robots deployed by VoidBot. All while traveling the world’s varied settings and upgrading your weapons and equipment. Swim through swamps, explore dungeons, and ski on ice. You will also solve puzzles and play mini-games, survive in the wastelands, and face many tests.

Since your choices determine your fate and the fate of Gear Town. Bring calm to the town or take control of it. In Gear Town, be ready to follow the most bizarre robots and complete quests to help them, or not. So get into the heart of Robo Legend and write your legend.

Game Features:

  • Good or evil. Choose your side and protect Gear Town and its people or enslave them.
  • Ten different endings for maximum replayability. Your choices as you progress decide the Robo Legend story. While you tailor your decisions to Voidbot’s varying and nasty motivations.
  • A vast and varied world. Explore seven main settings and discover hidden areas.
  • Discover Gear Town, a charming Wild West town ruled by colorful robots.
  • Over 25 quests to complete. Due to complete your journey by completing main and side quests with the locals.
  • Obtain new weapons and equipment. Through combat and exploration, in Robo Legend you’ll also earn additional weapons, armor and parts to upgrade Robo.
  • Choose your difficulty. From easy to very difficult, adjust the level of challenge to suit your mood.
  • Fishing mini-game. An intuitive fishing experience with fish robots and drone spears.
  • Rockin’ and furious soundtrack. Perfect for pulverizing evil robots.
  • A combat simulator to blow up robots freely and at will.

Robo Legend adventure RPG is coming this Fall. Due to release on Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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