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Robo Legend twin-stick shooter to test you

robo legend twin-stick shooter game will release to test you on linux and windows pc

Robo Legend twin-stick shooter game will release to test you on Linux and Windows PC. Due to the ongoing creative talents of developer Little Neuron. Working to make its way onto Steam, soon.

Game studio Little Neuron announces the release of Robo Legend on November 10, 2022. While you decide whether to become a hero or a villain. As you immerse yourself into this cute and colorful robotic twin-stick shooter game. Shape your legend.

Robo Legend will have you blast your way through hordes of crazy robots. You play as Robo, a mercenary robot who was kidnapped to an alien world that is under attack. Complete quests, solve minigames, and puzzles. Due to ending the conflict in a good or bad way. As you decide whether to help the people of Gear Town. So you can become their hero or take the place of the despot Void as a super-villain. It’s your story, your choices, choose to save Gear Town, or conquer it. All while Voidbot and his forces invade.

Robo Legend Main Trailer

Discover a vast world filled with peaceful, eccentric or evil, and dangerous robots. Meet the people of Gear Town and help them, or not. While you explore many biomes and dungeons, on foot, by swimming or even skiing. Since your journey will have you meet local robots and experience their activities. You will also drive a tractor, fish for robot-fishes, solve puzzles, and mini-games. Upgrade your weapons and equipment, due to complete the quests of your choice.
Fulfill the destiny of your choice and write the Robo legend.

Try out the Demo for yourself on Linux and Windows PC via Steam.

Game Features:

  • Good or evil. Choose your side and protect Gear Town and its people or enslave them.
  • Ten different endings for maximum replayability. Your choices will decide the Robo legend story as you progress. Tailor your decisions to Voidbot’s varying and cruel motifs.
  • A vast and varied world. Explore seven main settings and discover hidden areas.
  • Discover Gear Town, a charming Wild West town ruled by colorful robots.
  • Over 25 quests to complete. Complete your journey by completing main and side quests with the locals.
  • Obtain new weapons and equipment. Through combat and exploration, you’ll earn additional weapons, armor, and parts to upgrade Robo.
  • Choose your difficulty. From easy to very difficult, so can adjust the level of challenge in Robo legend to suit your mood.
  • Fishing mini-game. An intuitive fishing experience with fish robots and drone spears.
  • Rockin’ and furious soundtrack. Perfect for pulverizing evil robots.
  • A combat simulator so you can blow up robots freely and at will.

Robo legend twin-stick shooter game will release on November 10th. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to launch on both Linux and Windows PC.

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