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ROBOCRAFT 2 to get Linux support later

robocraft 2 robot building PVP combat game due to get linux support later after windows pc proton

ROBOCRAFT 2 robot building PVP combat game due to get Linux support later after Windows PC via Proton. This is once again coming to players thanks to developer Freejam. Which is working to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

Nearly ten years have passed since Freejam released their first-ever public alpha for the robot-building online PVP game ROBOCRAFT. During those ten years, 16 million players built, drove and fought online against others in epic robot battles.

Freejam is planning to re-energize the franchise for those 16 million players. Due to capture a whole new generation of creators, engineers, and fighters. Doing so in an explosive and ambitious sequel, ROBOCRAFT 2. Which does have some plans for Linux, thanks to an email from the Freejam community manager.

I personally have a Steam Deck and we’ve been able to get a build running using Proton.
I am hoping that we can support Linux at a later date, but I am afraid I do not have an ETA on when this will happen.

While this is favourable news for Linux, this does not guarantee a Linux build. Although, there is hope. The game engine is Unity 3D, but the developer is using EAC, so there will need to be some additional work. At least to be able to support Linux platforms, officially. As you can see in the video below, ROBOCRAFT 2 is running on the Steam Deck. Reporting there are some issues regarding video playback at the start of the game.

ROBOCRAFT 2 – Steam Deck Test

ROBOCRAFT 2 is a powerful block-based robot-building game. One where players will create destructive battle robots out of blocks. Due to drive them in online combat. Then seek to destroy the competition with high-powered sci-fi weaponry.

Should you be interested in trying the game there is an Alpha install for Windows PC. Which should run on Linux via Proton.

ROBOCRAFT 2 – Trailer

The team have also released a Roadmap of their future plans for ROBOCRAFT 2 which include:

  • RGB Colour system – Choose from over 16 million shades of colour to paint your robot.
  • Modular Tank Track system – An innovative procedurally generated system to create functional working tank tracks.
  • Aerodynamics – You can create working wings by just stretching and scaling blocks! This opens up huge possibilities for building and can be useful to create a range of flying machines. Plus it can also impact ground-based machines.

ROBOCRAFT 2 robot building PVP combat game si available to Wishlist on Steam. Due to arrive on Windows PC, and hopefully, Linux, alter. Which is showing signs of decent Proton support via Early Access.

NOTE: “We are looking at a Steam release in Summer 2023. But we don’t quite yet have an exact date yet.”

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