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Robocraft update includes new RoboPass

robocraft update includes new robopass linux mac windows

Robocraft the Free to play hit has been update to include a brand new seasonal pass on Linux, Mac and Windows. With over thirteen million registered Robocrafters now able to unlock new cosmetic items by earning EXP in game with ‘RoboPass’ on Steam.

RoboPass is now live. So players can unlock new vapour trails, firework projectiles, neon cubes, destruction effects, and more. Alongside the launch of RoboPass comes balance changes to further improve the core gameplay experience.

The free version of RoboPass will unlock the following content:

  • Eight cosmetic items.
  • 50,000 Robits.

RoboPass Plus, a premium version of RoboPass will also be available to purchase for just $9.99 USD Including all aforementioned content and the following:

  • 23 cosmetic items.
  • 375 Cosmetic Currency.
  • 325,000 Robits.

To unlock this content, Robocraft players will need to progress through up to 30 grades by earning EXP. Each time players reach a new Grade, they may unlock a new cosmetic item, Robits or Cosmetic Currency. In addition to new cosmetic items, a new challenge called ‘Sleigh Ride’ has been added which will see players fight wave after wave of Christmas themed robots.

robopass free and premium included for linux mac windows

Players who purchase premium for life will receive all of their usual perks (double EXP, more paint colours, personal avatar picture, and additional Cosmetic CPU).They will also receive a 50% discount for RoboPass Plus.

The first season of RoboPass will expire on February 18th 2019. We anticipate a large number of players will return to the game over the next several weeks to Build, Drive and Fight!

Robocraft Improvement and Changes (Linux, Mac, Windows):

  • Obtaining multiple Tech Points in a single battle (via gaining more than one level) will now only display one screen.
  • Players below level 76 in Tiers 1 & 2 playing in Bronze or Silver ranks will be match-made in a different lobby to improve new user experience.
  • Item shop now has notification badge on top-bar UI when new items are available for purchase.
  • Added “Quick Purchase” buttons to currency UI to make it clear where to add more Cosmetic Credits and Premium.
  • Updated pricing of real-money items to make local currency exchange rates more consistent.
  • Item shop improvements.