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Roboplant farming sim to get a port

roboplant farming sim game is due to get a port for linux with windows pc

Roboplant farming sim game is due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Which is the creative genius of developer Rebelpug. Working to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

An alien planet, a team of robots, and all the necessary to build an efficient hydroponic farm. All so you can grow vegetables and fruit. The mission? Selling your products to other galaxies. While feeding humans on planet Earth. Growing the business into an interstellar farming empire.

This is the premise of Roboplant. A new indie farming simulation game whose demo is out now. Getting ready for players during the October Steam Next Fest. The demo contains some of the basic features the game has to offer. Including a glimpse of what’s going to be implemented in the next months. Due to arrive before and after the early access release this November. Due to staying in Early Access for no more than a year. Plus, Rebelpug also has plans to offer Linux support going forward.

We are planning to do porting on Linux.

Since the developer does have plans to port Roboplant to Linux. They also need to do some work to make sure the port doesn’t require too much extra effort. In their email reply, the developer points out the time frame, “we would love to do the porting in the next 6 months”.
However, I can also confirm that the Unity 3D game plays rather well with Proton. And yes, I’m playing the full version of the game, early.

Roboplant Trailer

Roboplant is a farming tycoon game set in a future where hydroponic technology allows growing plants on alien planets. Players begin their mission by choosing a planet (at the moment only one is available) and building the first base for their business. Then, they need to hire loyal workers with different skills and add the necessary farming equipment to start growing the first vegetables and fruits.

Game Key Features:

  • Growing plants
    Players can grow both terrestrial and alien plants. Each Roboplant plant needs specific setting conditions. So a room where it is possible to grow fresh strawberries might not be ideal for some juicy alien melons. Also, the plants can die and go to waste if the factory lacks water or electricity.
  • Research new technologies
    Players can use machinie available in the lab to research new tech. As well as make upgrade to their business. There are beautiful and even more efficient hydroponic machines that can be unlocked in the research tree. As well as water and electricity storages, solar panels, new plants, etc.
  • Improve your workers’ skills
    Each robot has different skills and therefore a specific role. Players can hire biologists, engineers, farmers, and builders. They can opt for generic robots. Workers can get specialized in specific areas. So they can work faster with less risks for the plants.
  • Fight environmental events
    Not only do players need to make good choices in Roboplant to grow their business. But they also have to face setting challenges such as meteorite falls, sandstorms, extreme heat or cold and more.
  • Play with genetics and create new plants
    Players can become mad scientists and experiment with genetics in order to create new plant species. Who knows what can be created by adding some strawberry genes to an apple!

October Steam Next Fest:

Players who access the Roboplant demo at this October #SteamNextFest can have the chance to play the game. Due to see a hint of the features listed above. They can access the core gameplay through the challenge mode. This allows players to choose a challenge and complete it in a limited amount of time. They can’t access the story mode, which allows the player to play Roboplant with no time limitations. Or unlock items in the research tree. Therefore, they’ll have the chance to grow only specific plants. Doing so with the hydroponic machines available.

You can play the Roboplant farming sim game demo this October. Due keep in mind, this will be a Windows PC. Since a Linux port will be coming roughly 6 months after the Steam Early Access release this November.