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Roboplant farming tycoon title fully launches

roboplant farming tycoon game launches on both linux and windows pc

Roboplant farming tycoon game launches on both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the imaginative team at Rebelpug, the developer responsible for bringing this captivating experience to life. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Welcome to Roboplant, a unique farming game set in a future where humanity has branched out into other galaxies. Here, you step into the shoes of a space entrepreneur, due to create and manage hydroponic farms on alien planets. While facing vast landscapes, unknown horizons, and the chance to cultivate both Earth plants and intriguing alien flora. It launches you into a blend of strategy, creativity, and exploration on Linux.

Imagine you’ve just landed on a new, uncharted planet. Your first task? Build your base. Think of it as constructing a high-tech greenhouse, where each room, corridor, and piece of equipment plays a vital role. You’ll be adding hydroponic setups, lab gadgets, and even decorations. Since it’s not just about functionality; it’s about creating a home on this alien world.

Farming in Roboplant certainly goes beyond your usual garden variety. Sure, you can keep to familiar crops like lettuce or even colorful blue melons. But there’s a whole world of unfamiliar plants waiting for you. These aren’t your average veggies. They might need special conditions, unique care, and who knows what else. Your job is to figure that out and make them thrive.

Roboplant farming tycoon Trailer

Expansion and growth are key. To scale up your business, you need a blend of strategy and foresight. Get to know the ins and outs of your hydroponic tech, because that’s your bread and butter. Selling your space grown produce is how you’ll earn your keep, fueling your operation and research.

Speaking of research, you’re not just a farmer in Roboplant; you’re an innovator. Due to delve into research, improve your tech, and maybe even dabble in genetics to create new plant species. It’s a bit like playing nature but with high-tech tools.

Now, let’s talk about your crew. They aren’t your average workers; they’re robots, each with their own skills and needs. Yes, even robots need downtime. So, you’re not just managing a farm; you’re also managing a robotic team. Due to ensure they have spaces to relax and recharge. Think of it as creating a harmonious ecosystem where plants, tech, and robots coexist.

Your mission isn’t just about farming; Roboplant is also about saving Earth. You’ll embark on various missions, each with its own set of challenges. It could be environmental events throwing a wrench in your plans or other unexpected twists. How you handle these will test your resilience and problem solving skills.

Roboplant isn’t just about planting seeds; it’s about sowing the future, one space farm at a time. The game is a mix of strategy, care, and exploration, set in a future where the sky isn’t the limit – it’s just the beginning. Ready to embark? It launches on both Steam (priced at $10.79 USD / £9.89 / 9,89€ with a 10% discount) and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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