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Roboplant is now testing out Linux support

roboplant farming sim game is now testing out linux support with windows pc

Roboplant farming sim game is now testing out Linux support with Windows PC. Which is the result of further details from developer Rebelpug. Available now via Steam Early Access.

Another small piece has been added to Roboplant. So now the developer adds various points to the roadmap. All thanks to player suggestions. This release also includes a fantastic addition to make games more challenging. If you are curious about what this new update has in store, read below.

Planetary events are coming to Roboplant

This is definitely the most important feature of this Roboplant release. The game is due to become more interesting and demanding with the addition of an extra level of difficulty. Depending on the planet you are on, at some point in the game there will be a planetary event. This will also put your business at risk. You will have to keep an eye on your hydroponic machinery and your robots, since they will need extra help.

Unleash your creativity, build more freely

There’s no more need to build rooms connected to corridors. Choose a room and add it wherever you want. And if you want to connect to another room through a corridor you can. But this is not necessary anymore.

Enjoy moving around the game with new camera controls

We have improved camera controls so players can move around more fluidly. You can now rotate the view (mouse middle click) and pan (right click).

Smarter workers that never get stuck – or at least try not to!

One of the problems in Roboplant was that robots could get stuck. And as a result, there was not much to do. We tried to make them smarter to avoid this kind of situation. If by chance one of the robots crashes, a notification will warn you.

Better, fewer notifications

The dev’s are limiting the number of boring notifications so that when you get one, you know it’s urgent. Also, there is a new icon on the notifications: if you click on it, it brings you to the target.

Improved performances:

This is a work in progress but the dev’s did reduce the workload on the CPU and GPU. So it should be faster on lower-end pcs. The road is still long, there may still be some limitations for some GPUs. But there are plans for more upgrades in the February update.

Roboplant Trailer


There is an increase to the day duration since it was rather short. While balancing the profits of each plant and increased some construction and worker costs. It should be more of a challenge now. You now have to research the small storage locker to unlock it.

Improving the Roboplant experience

There are several changes to improve the experience. The producers will show you exactly which resource is actually missing in a billboard. Going back from any panel will bring you right where you were before. Making it more clear what is the impact of having workers unhappy or untrained in your production line.

Experimental Linux support

Rebelpug emailed to let me know they added support for Linux. Do keep in mind, it’s still experimental. But the dev’s haven’t faced any functional problems. The main concern is that on some machines it doesn’t recognize the drivers properly. Let Rebelpug know if you encounter any weird glitch in Roboplant via Discord. There may also be a slight performance drop compared to the Windows PC build. Here’s the email statement:

It’s [Linux] still slower the performance compared to windows but I presume it’s a driver issue

Do note, the Demo on Steam also offers Linux support with Windows PC.

Analytics – A way to improve Roboplant

Analytics is not mandatory and it’s totally up to you. But if you opt-in, this will be a huge help. With data, they only track how Roboplant is played so that we can improve the gaming experience. Also giving out free content.

Roboplant farming sim game is available via Steam Early Access until November 2023. Available for Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75 / 19,50€.

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