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Roboplant now has better production tools

roboplant farming sim game now has better production tools in the game on linux and windows pc

Roboplant now has better production tools in the farming sim game on Linux and Windows PC. This is all thanks to the continuous work of developer Rebelpug. Currently available via Steam Early Access.

The Roboplant latest update brings a host of new content. Plus developer Rebelpug always welcomes more suggestions and keeps track of player feedback. In the past month, the dev’s are making the factory starting process easier. While offering more tools to earn money and a better way to manage your production.


Roboplant now has a better wick system that you can unlock to increase your production. All while you research more advanced machines. This new version of the wick system produces almost twice the amount of plants and it looks very good placed in corners.

Seedling has always been a time-consuming process. With the seeder versions currently available in Roboplant. The workers have to do a lot of manual labour to grow seedlings and get them ready for the next step. Nevertheless, with this production release, you will be able to unlock an advanced and more efficient version. Since this can increase your yield and reduce the manual work of your robots.

FOUR NEW PLANTS in Roboplant

More plants, more fun. That’s why you can now grow four new Earth varieties in your factory. The dev favorite is mint, but the others are pretty cool as well. All of them can help you diversify the production so that you can earn extra money.


Another interesting upgrade for this update release is the possibility to prioritize producers. This feature is accessible from the warehouse panel in Roboplant, since this where you can view all the producers and what they’re producing. And you can also prioritize them. Workers will then focus on those that have a higher priority status. You can even filter producers by plant type and prioritize all of them at once. This is a highly requested feature to give you more control over priorities. Let us know if it meets your expectations.

Roboplant Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)


Now you can choose the look of your workers in Roboplant with a unique skin. There are more skins coming over the next few months.


The new tutorial is finally out. Over the past months since the early access version release, there were complaints about the tutorial. The Roboplant design now has a more comprehensive tutorial. Which is also better for both those who are starting from scratch and those who just need additional tips.
In the new Roboplant tutorial, every time you open a panel for the first time, you receive a message from Beebop. In this message, you can learn more about the panel and what it does. As well as get useful tips on how it works. You can go back to this message by clicking the question mark icon on the top right corner of each panel.
This new tutorial might not be perfect yet, but its come a long way from the first version. The dev’s are also eager for more player feedback on this improved change.

BALANCING for Roboplant

Balancing is another important aspect of this release. During January, Roboplant became too difficult to play. After realized this, Rebelpug went right to work on balancing the difficulty. While making some aspects of the game easier and smoother.

Roboplant farming sim game now has better production tools in the game. Which is available in Steam Early Access. Priced at $19.99 USD / £17.99 / 19,99€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Plus the game also has a free Demo for Linux too.

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