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Robothorium turn-based tactical RPG announced

robothorium turn-based tactical rpg announced in linux mac windows games

#Robothorium [official website] really is a futuristic tactical RPG coming to Linux, Mac and #Windows. While combining roguelike gameplay and turn-based combat. Where players lead a robotic uprising by playing as the #games the AI. Choose your allies by taking decisions and manage your team of robots to free them from the game Human domination. Get the best items for your characters and spspecialisehem through their talent trees. While working to succeed in an advanced combat system.

So in Robothorium, players take on the roll of AI. While leading your own robotic uprising and deploy your robots in many places. All the way from factories to highly secured laboratories with different objectives to achieve. Select the best robots combination to succeed in your missions. While you overcome traps and enemies guarding experimental projects or top secret datas. Somewhat similar to Darkest Dungeon.

Therefore, upgrade the skills of your robots with their talent trees. Making them even more efficient and dispose them strategically to achieve victory. Also craft equipment with components gathered during the games missions. Thanks to an intuitive but deep crafting system. And due to the completely randomly generated campaign levels. Make decisions to choose your allies and your enemies. Build your own factory, orbital base or hangar. Which you can spread traps and guards to prevent other players from stealing your data.

Robothorium – Prototype gameplay preview:

Robothorium Features:

  • Campaign mode with different types of missions and a storyline
  • Randomly generated levels and enemies scaled with your level
  • Wide assortment of exciting environments, locations and fearsome enemies
  • Deep sci-fi universe with a lot of philosophy and reflection
  • Decisions to take to choose your allies and your enemies
  • Visual evolution of your robots when you equip them with different weapons and armors
  • Tactical turn-based combat with advanced mechanics
  • Wide array of skills and Ultimates to choose for your robots
  • Randomly generated stats on items depending on their level
  • Crafting system featuring many recipes to unlock
  • High replay value thanks to the random missions generator and level scaling
  • Online arena system with matchmaking and rankings

Since Robothorium is expecting a release date of mid-2018. The intended price is 14,99€ for Linux, Mac and Windows.