Rocket League to get modding support on Workshop

rocket league to get modding support on steam workshop

Developer #Psyonix extended their a hand to the modding #community for Rocket League.

Rocket League already has an active modding community. Yet, as of next month this will be easier than ever to share custom arenas.

As a result this December, Pysonix will enable support via Steam Workshop support. Allowing modders to upload their custom levels to the Rocket League Steam Community hub. Which seems like anyone can subscribe. In-game, players will be able to access content through the new Workshop Levels feature.

Previously it has been a real task to access mods. Hence having players modify game files to use them. Unfortunately there is no word on modding tools for Linux. Therefore, that would take a lot of work. Yet so far modders seem to be doing alright with Unreal Engine 3 UDK.

The modding community like our fans on the RocketLeagueMods subreddit, have built some fantastic stuff using the Unreal Engine 3 UDK over the past year — including frenchfries’ own Rocket League Obstacle Course [](pictured above) and Dribbling Challenge #1[] to name just a few. With our new Steam Workshop support, it will be much easier for modders to share creations without having to edit game files.

Mods will be made available to all Rocket League players on Steam, whether they use Linux, Mac or Windows PC.

Playing community-made Workshop Levels is as simple as subscribing to the new Arenas in the coming soon Workshop section of our Steam Community Hub. You can find the Community Hub HERE, or by clicking on the Community tab in Steam, then searching for ‘Rocket League‘ under Hubs.

Psyonix has more planned for the December Rocket League update. As a result stay tuned for more info coming in the next few weeks.


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