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Rocket Rumble gets an Early Access release date

rocket rumble early access release date for windows pc with linux for the games full release

Rocket Rumble gets an Early Access release date for Windows PC, the games full release will be on Linux. Thanks to the development efforts of PixelNAUTS Games. Gearing up for the Steam Early Access debut.

The PixelNAUTS team is eager to announce their space racing brawler, Rocket Rumble. Due to release in Early Access on August 3rd. Featuring online single-screen competitive racing. Also, a myriad of options for character customization and action-packed space combat. Due to offering support for 2 to 4 players in this party game. With Linux support planned for the games full launch in 2022.
That being said, do note, Unity 3D is being used for development. So with the help of Proton, this should make the game playable for Linux gamers.

Rocket Rumble – Customization Trailer

Flashy features:

  • Single screen local and online multiplayer: Invite your friends and family to action packed Rocket Rumble competition. You can also queue up to rumble online!
  • Choose your racer!
    • Riku – The mystical bird
    • Bert – The proud pig
    • Pepper – The friendly corgi
    • Ophelia – The sassy cat
    • And more characters to be added after launch!
  • Three Procedurally Generated Tracks: With Rocket Rumble procedurally generated levels. So you never have the same race twice. Fight your way through a robot filled factory, an asteroid field, and a Space Pirate stronghold. You’ll also have to avoid magma pillars, asteroids, machinery, cannon fire, and the Kraken! Future additions to levels and more tracks on the way mean there’s certainly something new to look forward to.
  • Unlock hundreds of new cosmetics: Hats, badges, eyewear, banners, custom suit designs, and more!
  • Brawl your way through each track: Launch disks, toss bombs, blast players into the air with the Shockpack. and inflate your competition with the Super-Sizer!

Rocket Rumble will be available with a 10% discount of the $9.99 USD price for the first week of Steam Early Access. Again, the release date for Early Access is on August 3rd. So head over to the Steam Page to add the game to your wishlist. The games due to arrive on Windows PC, with a full release due to arrive with Linux support in 2022.

Find out more on the official website. Participate in the conversation by following PixelNAUTS on Twitter or joining the Rocket Rumble Discord community. Since it is home to everything Rocket Rumble! They are taking community input on everything from new accessories to new track names! And don’t forget to Wishlist Rocket Rumble on Steam.

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