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Rocket Rumble hoping to offer a native build

rocket rumble space racing brawler hoping to offer a native build in linux gaming with windows pc

Rocket Rumble space racing brawler hoping to offer a native build in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from developer PixelNAUTS Games. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access this summer.

PixelNAUTS releases a new trailer for its upcoming space racing brawler Rocket Rumble. This is a 2-4 player party game where a charming cast of animals in rocket suits. While they smash and bash their way across the finish line. Shaping up to be a game to play with family and friends on the couch or online. As each player builds their character, unlocking new cosmetics by earning points on each racing match.

It also looks like a Linux gaming build is still a hope for the full release:

We’re still hoping to get a Linux build in for the full launch!

Rocket Rumble is due to evolve into a full release by 2022. The game itself is developed in Unity 3D. Which will likely mean positive support via Proton until the full release. PixelNAUTS Games also wants to invovle the community to help adjust track layout. This also means item placement, GUI, and various obstacles based on player feedback. Sending out regular surveys and hopefully have more player option via Discord.

Rocket Rumble – Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay behind Rocket Rumble is reminiscent of Star Wars Pod Racer (1999). At least at first glance of the character modeling on the track looks similar. While adding the best parts of party racing games. Then combining that with fast paced action brawling gameplay. Doing so not just in shared split screen gameplay, but online pvp.

Special features:

  • Single screen local and online multiplayer: Invite your friends and family to a fun competition.
  • Players choose and fully customize their character: Select between 4 different racers in Rocket Rumble; Riku – the bird of prey, Bert – the pale swine, Pepper – corgi dog, and Ophelia – the silver tabby. And more characters to be added after launch!
  • Race across 9 different obstacle courses: Race through an Asteroid Mine, Star Forest, amidst a Galactic Battle and through a dangerous Space Reef, avoiding asteroids, machines, lasers, creatures and plant life.
  • Unlock hundreds of new cosmetics: hats, badges, neck decor, eyewear, banner, special rocket trails, custom designs, and NEW characters!
  • Brawl your way through the fields: Using items is the heart of Rocket Rumble. Launch rockets, bombs, and electrifying EMPS. Lasso other players and throw them around, deflect rivals with a powerful plasma shield, or rocket your way into first place!
  • Fully customize your matches: selecting specific tracks, a custom playlist, or signing up for the full championship, all while specifying the settings such as rules, items, and speed of the game.

PixelNAUTS Games is currently organizing an upcoming open beta. Due to give access to the community to try the game and help shape up its features. Which you can do now via Steam.

Rocket Rumble space racing brawler is scheduled to release in Steam Early Access this summer on Windows PC. Priced at $12 USD. Followed by support in Linux gaming in 2022 for the full release. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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