Rockstar Games on Linux Petition Pops Up Online


An online petition regarding the release of Rockstar Games for the Linux platform has popped up online and it has garnered some attention.

Linux gamers have received an infusion of courage and hope with the release of Steam for Linux. Since the release of the digital distribution platform from Valve, more games have been ported than ever before.

“The Linux platform is growing and several companies are working on bringing recognized and widely used games and content management systems to Linux to show that there is a market for Linux Gaming.

If Rockstar Games brought games to the Linux community then they would be extremely happy as there would be yet another great company recognizing and supporting the growing platform,” reads the online petition.

Even if this is a commendable initiative, there are a few problems that won’t be solved too soon. First off all, all titles from Rockstar Games are built on Direct3D technologies, making it impossible to port.

Secondly, Rockstar Games are known for the delay in bringing their games to the PC platform. Waiting for a Linux version could prove futile altogether.

If you want to support this worthy cause, you can sign the petition here.

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