Rogalia open world MMO-sandbox hits Early Access

rogalia open world mmo sandbox hits early access linux mac pc

Rogalia is the #crafting based MMO #sandbox with the cozy #openworld created by players. Hence now available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So gameplay allows players to kill people out of towns and claims. While you gain useful vitamins from your meals and develop your character. Fight in the  Arena, or on battlefields and dungeons. So build your own world in the tough surroundings!

Rogalia General features:


  • Character levelling is based on vitamins gained from meals.
  • Every attribute of your character may reach maximum value.
  • You may share your rented patch with other players.
  • Free economics developed by players.
  • Crafted items have durability and quality attributes. Their values depend on your skill.
  • A plenty of recipes and skills: craft, animal breeding, monster hunt, building and many more!


  • An open world with free PvP and PvP-protected areas (towns and rented patches).
  • Vitamins, gear and bag loss after death.
  • Loss-free arena to fight people with no death fees. Battlefields and dungeons to hunt some good loot.
  • Terraforming.

While players can smoke, get into booze, gluttony, chance games and promiscuity. Hence a payment for these sins: from hangover to STD’s.

Upcoming features:

  • Separation of armor for light, medium and heavy, with the consequent benefits and limitations.
  • Development of ranged weapons.
  • Development of alchemy with the addition of an interface for convenient use scrolls and other paraphernalia.
  • The introduction of the possibility of building large settlements with private chat, use of resources and the bank, as well as the creation of objects that are available only to settlers.
  • The development of animal domestication and pets.

This is an alpha-version of the game. TatriX are a two person team developing Rogalia. Since already putting a lot of heart into the project. Due to a spectacular community that is helping in the changes.

Rogalia is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While a 10% discount comes with the release until December 16th.


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