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Rogue AI Simulator management needs you

rogue ai simulator management game needs you for linux with windows pc

Rogue AI Simulator management game needs you for Linux, with Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developer Nerdook Productions. Which is due to make its way onto Steam.

Indie development studio Surefire.Games and Solo developer Nerdook Productions has released Rogue AI Simulator is available now.
Ready to go rogue? From Malaysian developer Nerdrook Productions (creator of Monster Slayers) comes a sequel to the popular Flash game, I’m an Insane Rogue AI. A game that was also played over 4 million times.

In Rogue AI Simulator, players are on a mission to serve the Department of Science. All while managing its human test subjects. Watch out for any signs of neglect and keep those pesky humans in line. Rogue AI Simulator also holds hope for Linux and Steam Deck.

Very much possible if there is enough demand for it

This is the Rogue AI Simulator Steam Discussions reply. But there is also positive news for Proton support via Steam Deck. Why not, the game is developer in GameMaker Studio 2. Which means a native Linux build is certainly possible, depending on requests. Now is the time to show your Tux Love HERE.

Rogue AI Simulator (Launch Trailer)

Rogue AI Simulator is a rogue-lite management simulation game. One where your primary goal is to manage human test subjects. The game allows you to design, build and manage a facility for your test subjects. Increase your science skills while finding resources. To improve their loyalty and intelligence, treat them well, and eventually, they will be totally self-sufficient.

In Rogue AI Simulator, your job is to shape, deceive, and conquer using your skills. Unlock new abilities by increasing your Independence throughout each playthrough. All due to deploy brand new upgrades in further runs.


  • Managing a facility.
  • Training the subjects.
  • Defending servers.
  • Hacking the humans.
  • Choosing your destiny.

So, are you ready to take on these pesky humans? Rogue AI Simulator management game is available now on Steam. Playable now on Linux with Proton via Windows PC. Priced at $10.79 USD / £8.99 / 10,61€ with the 10% discount. Unless you prefer to see a native build.

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