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Rogue Empire roguelike RPG fixes and changes

rogue empire roguelike rpg fixes and balance changes in linux mac windows games

Rogue Empire roguelike RPG has a new fixes and balance changes in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Also, currently available on Steam Early Access, with an 86% Very Positive reviews.

Rogue Empire is a fantasy turn based roguelike RPG, while focusing on easy to grasp gameplay. So you explore and fight with a customized character. Working to also free all capital cities from mysterious shadow force fields.

Also, the Rogue Empire gameplay takes inspirations from ToMe, Adom, Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

Currently in Early Access games for Linux, Mac and Windows. Rogue Empire development will make the roguelike genre more accessible. While at the same time spicing things up and adding TCG mechanics to character progression. This also means a more interactive world map and unique boss fights.

Rogue Empire Balance Changes:

  • World map encounters difficulty scaling was reduced by 70%.
  • Shadow formation reduced by 35%
  • Stat potions drop rate increased by 50%

Bug Fixes:

  • This was done yesterday during a small hot fix. It also fixes the first tower portal exit coordinates in the Dawn Of Shadows Campaign. So your games character does not appear on water.
  • Shadow progress with the ring of shadows now is correctly displayed graphically

Note: The best way for steam to recognize the update immediately is to just restart it.

Game Story

​So the main game for Rogue Empire takes place in the world of Ethistos. Where after a very long lasting peace between the known races of the world. A horde of unknown entities called the First Shadow, invade.

While using powerful magic to completely engulf the capital cities of every kingdom.

After the initial surprise the main kingdoms in Ethistos form a great alliance to strike back. So they repel the invaders and then march to where the source of the First Shadow.

After some time communication with the army stops. Attacks from the First Shadow also stop.
While in this state of chaos a plea for help is issued to any able adventurer. Those who can find out what happened. And also find out how to get rid of the shadow fields around the cities of Ethistos.

Rogue Empire Roguelike RPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Single Player
  • Turn Based combat
  • 7 distinct races to choose from
  • 5 distinct classes
  • Unique character progression inspired from Trading Card Games
  • Meta progression system
  • Rogue Empire‘s deep story with different endings.
  • Timed Mode

Steam release:

Rogue Empire roguelike RPG is currently available on Steam Early Access for $8.99 USD. Which also comes with cross-platform support for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Since the reviews are 86% Very Positive, this is a title worth checking out.

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