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Rogue Empire RPG version 1.0 full release

rogue empire rpg version 1.0 full release in linux mac windows games

Rogue Empire full release for fantasy roguelike RPG reaches version 1.0 in Linux, Mac and Windows games. While Portal Entertainment finally launches out of Early Access. Available now on both Steam and

While Rogue Empire focuses an easy to grasp gameplay. Which is all about exploring and fighting with your custom character. Since it’s up to you to free all capital cities from a mysterious shadow force.
This shadow came, destroying everything in its way. So now every kingdom in Ethistos is losing ground and lives. When all seems lost… the First Shadow disappears. Where? How? No one knows. While the marks of their coming still linger across Ethistos!

Since the games development makes the roguelike genre more accessible. After spending just over a year in Early Access development. Including a solid community involvement to help bring version 1.0 into reality.
Rogue Empire version 1.0 comes with some brilliant new features. Actually a very healthy list. Which includes new druid abilities, new potions and also new enemies. Check out the full list below.

Rogue Empire dungeon crawler RPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

New Features:

  • New druid mechanics added. For more information see:
  • Two new druid abilities.
  • Added 11 new achievements.
  • Character now shows randomized birth dates, height and weight. Months now tracked in Ethistos naming.
  • Loading message now randomly shows useful information. This is general information as well as contextual information regarding the current game.
  • Starting screen now chances depending on the campaign you are playing!
  • Added 12 new potions in Rogue Empire.
  • Certain Caves are now proper cave environments.
  • Now added 3 new item modifier.
  • Added 5 new warrior abilities.
  • The addition of 1 new special room type.
  • Added 5 new hunter abilities.
  • Load game entries now show difficulty.

Integrated Features:

  • 4 new twitch judgments.
  • 3 new enemies.
  • 1 new optional location.
  • Added 1 new optional boss.
  • Improved the main screen soul essence UI.
  • Added 1 new soul essence upgrade. This one is special.
  • Soul Essence Upgrades can now be removed returning 80% of its original value in Rogue Empire.
  • Soul Essence Upgrades can also toggle off and on.
  • Using as little Soul Essence Upgrades as possible now give you a bonus to score and soul essence gathering.
  • Added twitch gameplay got its own UI now.
  • Auto explore now stops on chests.

Since Rogue Empire has a full release. This also includes a 15% discount, priced at $12.74 USD. The dungeon crawler RPG is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.