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Rogue Legacy 2 roguelite finally hits Linux

rogue legacy 2 roguelite metroidvania game finally launches on linux with mac and windows pc

Rogue Legacy 2 roguelite metroidvania game finally launches on Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and effort Cellar Door Games with the help of Ethan Lee. Now live on Steam with 92% Positive reviews.

Famed rogue-LITE, Rogue Legacy 2, officially launched on Linux. Coming six months after the initial launch. To celebrate the news, Cellar Door Games have paired the release with Patch v1.1.1. Delivering a ton of bug fixes, plus 2 new weapon changes. Since crows now apply a small knockback to most enemies. They also move faster and have a slightly higher turn rate.

“The Linux version is now live!” – flibitijibibo

While good news, there are some caveats for Steam Deck players.

“We are aware some Steam Deck users are experiencing intermittent crashes. Regrettably, we have not been able to isolate the cause. But we are hoping the native Linux build will help stabilize things. Please note that until the native Linux version is re-Verified on the Steam Deck, fingers crossed because we’ve tested it. Only the Proton version will be available to Steam Deck owners. To get around this for now, in the game’s properties on Steam, navigate to ‘Compatibility’. Enable the ‘Force the use of a specific Steam Play Compatibility tool’ checkmark. And choose ‘Steam Linux Runtime’ from the drop down.”

Rogue Legacy 2 v1.0 Launch Trailer

Rogue Legacy 2 sequel surpasses its predecessor now. Doing so by building upon its manor and improving almost every area of the game. From a brand new art style (3D characters set against stunning hand drawn backgrounds). While offering all new weaponry, abilities, and classes. As well as fresh biome generation for greater strategic choice. The scope and ambition of the game is vast.

The sequel brings in Heirlooms to truly push players to explore its unique metroidvania world. While permanently giving heroes new abilities. Rogue Legacy 2 also vastly improves traits to bring greater value to their risk versus reward gameplay. As well as making big strides in accessibility to let players succeed even when they’re struggling.

More of Everything: Of course, also adding more of everything people loved from the original Rogue Legacy. More traits, more spells, more classes, more biomes, more enemies. There is even more equipment, more rooms, more story. More secrets… Just more everything.

With a 92% Positive review rating on Steam. Rogue Legacy 2 roguelite metroidvania game is now available on Steam. Priced at $24.99 USD / £21.99 / 21,99€. Along with support for Linux and Mac with Windows PC.

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