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Rogue Legacy coming to Mac & Linux with Save Slots

Rogue Legacy coming to Mac and Linux with Save Slots

Cellar Door Games is close to releasing the Mac and Linux versions of their chivalrous roguelike, Rogue Legacy. The studio is splitting their upcoming patch into two pieces to help expedite the process. In addition to bringing the game to new platforms, the first patch will also add save slots, which will allow multiple friends to forge their family tree on a single computer.

A second patch will include unspecified free content and is set to release after the Mac/Linux support patch. “We’re still working on it, but we wanted to push up the first patch since we think it’s important enough,” Cellar Door’s Teddy Lee told Shacknews. “We don’t wanna go into specifics since things are still in flux, but we can say that it will be free.”

Rogue Legacy is available now on PC and coming soon to PS4, PS3, and Vita.

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