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Roguebook a singleplayer roguelike deck builder

roguebook a singleplayer roguelike deck builder for linux mac windows pc

Roguebook is a singleplayer roguelike deck builder coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Faeria developer Abrakam SA. Which also recently funded their games Kickstarter.

About 2,700 of you pledged almost €67,000 for Roguebook. If you missed the campaign, you can still get the exact same rewards. Check out the just click the Paypal link.

Gameplay takes place in a procedurally generated world. Also full of legendary encounters and stories. While craft your cards and assemble the perfect deck. Then work to defeat the Roguebook itself… or die trying.

Roguebook is the second major game from Abrakam. Who are also the creators of the strategy card game Faeria. Launching back in 2017 and has the best rating for a CCG on Steam. Holding an 86% positive Steam review score. This also includes 1 million downloads.

Every time you play, the Roguebook generates a new world. Containing all available knowledge in the world. While the rumors who dare to read the Roguebook. Also gain omniscience and attain a near god like status. Check out the past Kickstarter trailer for more details.

Roguebook Kickstarter (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

The pages within are full of dangerous creatures and ancient legends. Exotic lands from the world of Faeria. The Roguebook itself is a sly entity with its own goals and desires. It is able to rewrite itself entirely. Always with the intent of tricking and fooling those who read it. Trapping them for eternity.

Your adventure begins by selecting two heroes. Since they will explore the Roguebook together. Each hero has their own special abilities and strategies. Combine different heroes for a completely different play experience.

The combat in Roguebook focuses on dual hero gameplay. Since each hero supports the other in different ways. From unleashing explosive combos to protecting the other from damage.

Core Battle System

  • During Roguebook battles, the hero in front is the one normally exposed to damage.
  • Whenever you a play a card belonging to the hero in the back row, your heroes will swap positions.
  • If any hero reaches 0 health, they become inactive for the rest of the battle and have their cards removed from the deck. After the battle, that hero is healed back to a low amount of health and two Wound cards are added to your deck. A Wound is a card that’s not playable and will only act as a handicap. It is said that finding a helpful wandering monk can help you remedy these wounds…
  • If both of your heroes reach 0 health in the same battle, your current run ends and the Roguebook wins.

Roguebook singleplayer roguelike deck builder is due to release June 2020. But again, if you missed the Kickstarter, check out the PayPal link above. The games also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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