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Rolando Deluxe to get a shiny look on Steam

rolando deluxe puzzle platformer game due to make its way onto linux mac windows pc

Rolando Deluxe puzzle platformer game is due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and effort from developer HandCircus. Working to make its way onto Steam.

If you’ve ever swiped your screen in delight while managing a small animated character, you might remember the iconic Rolando. This was one of the pioneers that transformed the iPhones into epic adventures and challenges. It’s back and not just on small screens, but bursting onto Steam for Linux with the dazzling Rolando Deluxe edition. Hard to believe it’s been 15 years since we first got our hands on it.

The brains behind this, HandCircus, the indie studio that has given us so many good times, has decided to gift us again. They didn’t just settle for a basic remaster, though. They are overhauling the whole game. The bright, vibrant universe of Rolando, has a level of detail and beauty that makes it stand out more than ever. Level redesigns, yes. Plus a complete rethink on how to make it feel fresh for today’s platforms.

Rolando Deluxe Announcement Trailer

Simon Oliver, the genius who founded HandCircus, has quite the journey. From kickstarting his career with Rolando to exploring the world of toy design with LEGO.. Now, he’s back in the indie sphere and we couldn’t be more eager. Oliver revisiting Rolando, and as a result, he’s eager to introduce Rolando Deluxe to a new generation of players.

Now, let’s talk visuals. If the original Rolando was a delightful sketch, think of Rolando Deluxe as a masterpiece. Every inch of it screams attention to detail and a genuine love for the world they’ve created. Oliver hints at extensive experimentation to ensure it feels right on Steam. And honestly, It sounds like they’ve nailed it.

Rolando Deluxe, as the name suggests, promises to be the definitive experience of the universe. It’s not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane; it’s a reimagined journey, designed for both long-time fans and newcomers.

So, you’re on Steam, make sure you wishlist Rolando Deluxe. This puzzle platformer isn’t just another title; it’s an invitation to a world of wonder on Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC. The release date is TBD.

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